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    happily married asian mom irl
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    I have this on and off relationship with gaiaonline. I've been here since I-forgot-what-year and been logging on and off every now and then. Oh yeah, I forgot to say hello. Hello! Welcome to my profile (?) I'd like to quit adulting please. Is there a quit button?
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    I'm kinda paranoid so I don't really like Facebook requests and posting photos. But some Gaia friends I've come to know really well are Facebook friends. Also, I've permanently come back for zOmg and CB. Just passing time.
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    -----DONATORS! (I put in contest hosts here too) heart -----<br />
    Shizuma Chan1605<br />
    Bad Lvck Brian<br />
    Danger Pants<br />
    Kell0GGz<br />
    Badonkees<br />
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    I Fried Tampon I <br />
    Naja_Shari<br />
    AnotherStolenRelic<br />
    cool anime dad<br />
    o Satsuki o<br />
    Preceding<br />
    Starmark_21<br />
    omnom-chan<br />
    Nurse Blissey<br />
    aubrey plaza<br />
    Xyrise<br />
    Genocider Syo<br />
    Sweet Murderer<br />
    AnonB<br />
    BigboobedAnon<br />
    babiekat1993<br />
    Jax IV<br />
    Sparkling Anon<br />
    The Antigonish Anon<br />
    Scit<br />
    geoduc<br />
    skvll baby~<br />
    Celebiest<br />
    Sirens Requiem
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