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  • Artist Info: Christen, to be more specific. (: i honestly don't know how i met raelene, but i know i met her like 2-3 months ago? yeah, whatever, but i feel like i've known her my whole life time! i appreciate her company when i got PE, she just loves to make fun of me. she always tells me i'm slow at running &i suck. (: it's funny, she'll text me in the middle of class w/ thee most randomest shit ever, "i fucking got that bitch introuble," "your cousin is hurting me." oh gahd. &did i mention she's more violent than i am. AHHHHH. 0.o i think raelene likes to torture me with Justin Delacruz music, i go insane &she laughs. ); sallg though, that's how we roll. SHE'S DOWN FOR ANYTHING. you need to get to know her. frillsz. she's the best. (:<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    AHEM ! Thiis is the one & only Rodizza (x<br />
    Haackin LIL missy oveer heree (:<br />
    well whuut caan isaay boout Raelene ? SHES FREAAKN AWESOME .<br />
    if yoou haavent notice (: OH ! & btw , shes SINGLE (:<br />
    soo , BOIIS . ATTENTION HERE ! lol , jaaykaay . Ibetter approve of yerh asses fiirst ! lol (:<br />
    Raelene is also known as my Huuggin Bhuddie . why ? cuhz isaaid soo (:<br />
    she reemembers the daay we met , which ithink is coo . buuht sadly , ifeerhgoot wheen we meet . SORRY RAEE (x <br />
    lol , yoou guuys knoow how fuun Raelene is ? well if yoou doont , yoou suuck ;P<br />
    shes fuuun tuh be around with , especially when she sings on the foone errh gits HIGH , which happens ALOT . (: haa , she goots uh facebook & uh Formspring , soo yoou guuys wanna try gettin; thaat . & Try meeting her in reaal life , naawt the internet ! cuuhz truust me , shes waaay funner ( if thats uh woord ) in person ! (: thaats uh guarantee . haha , Raelene pretty muuch sparkles under the suun cuuhz shes so freaakn pretty ! am i right ? yees , im right . LOL (:<br />
    oh my goodness graacious , igoots tuh goo noow ! sorry raaelenee ! buuht anywaays .<br />
    ILOOVEYOOOU ! (: <br />
    This haack whus maade on Jun 2 , 2010 . noow ending at 7:36 p.m ! <br />
    buh baai <33
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