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  • Artist Info: I'm 19 and I'm filipino. I was born in American Samoa but i moved to california when i was 14. I'm usually a shy and quiet person in real life,but i'm very friendly. I have awesome friends and i care about them more than i care about myself lol. I'm the oldest of six kids. I love my siblings to death. We are like 6 peas in a pod lol. I like to draw, watch anime, play tennis and videogames. <br />
    My favorite games are: Final Fantasy X and X2, Dark Cloud 2, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time & Twilight Princess. Currently playing Avalon Code for the DS, but the file keeps being corrupt and deletes itself so i stopped playing it. It will have to wait until winter break comes I guess. <br />
    I am currently in second year of college majoring in nursing to become a nurse practitioner. i'd like to be a graphic designer but that can wait. I did say i like to draw. I do avi arts once in a while. I like drawing and listening to music at the same time as a pastime. I also like to daydream alot....<br />
    <br />
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