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Darth Venomisci

PostPosted: Wed Apr 30, 2014 9:37 pm

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Hiiiisssssk! Hiiiisssssk! My master, Lord Daddicus is testing my patience, I think! Hiiiisssssk! He wants me to train you pathetic humans how to wield the lightsaber, the most important tool of any Sith apprentice! Hiiiisssssk! However, my patience wears thin with these trials my master puts me through, so I have decided to liven things up a bit. Hiiiisssssk! Hiiiisssssk!

Here's how this will be done: I will attack you, and you will make five attempts to block my attacks! You will know where the attacks are headed by the numbers I rolled with my dice. Hiiiisssssk! Hiiiisssssk! After my initial saber attack, a different form of attack will be perpetuated on your simpering ysalamiri of a body. In all, I will attack you five times. This torture will occur each day until the end of the month. The Hiiiisssssk! apprentice with the most blocked attacks at the end of the month will receive a

The Very Best Bundle - User Image*

At the beginning of the next month, Hiiiisssssk! the game starts over with everyone at zero. If I do not attack you again the following day, that means I am being Hiiiisssssk! generous and allowing you more chances to block my attacks! Continue with your feeble Hiiiisssssk! attempts until I attack you again with a new set of Hiiiisssssk! attacks!

To block my attacks, simply roll 5 100-sided dice. Any dice which match the reverse of the number rolled by my attack is considered a BLOCK!:
For 12, you will need to a 21. For 4, you will need a 40. For 66, you will need a 66. A roll of 100 will block hiiisssk my 100!

*In the event of a tie, the 1st person to have completed their rolls for the winning roll is the winner.
Game creator's note: Special prizes will be randomly given away for creative posts!

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 30, 2014 9:42 pm

Student Scores:

sachara = 1
6fred6 = 1*
ozkur =
Queentintin =
wild and crazy thing =
Esme Marie Cullen =
Quinton Black =

Special Prizes:

High Score = FelinoFAIL with 17 blocks for one semester !

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Darth Venomisci

Temple Training Center (monthly games)

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