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Roleplay: What more is a dream to ones own soul? 

Tags: Roleplay, Literate, Fantasy, Modern, Writing 

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The Lilith Myth
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 08, 2016 8:10 pm
This is a roleplay between myself and Lonewolf.
Please respect that we wish to be the only posters to this thread.
Thank you! And please enjoy reading it!
PostPosted: Fri Jan 08, 2016 8:10 pm

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Blair Lyone
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Sasha Thompson

The Lilith Myth
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The Lilith Myth
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 08, 2016 8:11 pm

Blair has her whole life planned out. Everything would fall into place if she just followed her visions plans. She had looked into the future, literally, and knew what her life would be like from day one. Nothing had really deviated from those visions except when she deliberately went off track. But her life was otherwise unoriginal and mundane, despite the future telling bits.
Along comes Sasha; a man who had never shown up in her visions, had never even existed in her thoughts until suddenly he was like an incoming 'blip' on her radar. Bewildered at his sudden appearance and frustrated with his ability to evade her future telling mind, Blair is not sure what to do next.
Meanwhile, outside of her own dramatically changed life, things were becoming more and more intense and chaotic in relations between vampires and werewolves. The once diplomatic relations between the two were crumbling to the ground. Vampires and Werewolves have been openly integrated into society since the middle ages, living under the radar as "humans." All supernatural beings were regulated like normal humans, except with specialists and a special government group. Since Blair had been able to tell her own future since she was a small child, she had been registered and sent on her merry way. Not much threat is a woman who can only tell her own future, wouldn't you agree? But somehow, the werewolves have discovered her ability and wish to use it to their advantage.
In comes Sasha, that ambiguous 'blip' on her radar. He has been sent by the werewolves to take her back and utilize her skills. At first, there isn't anything wrong with the given mission. But once she is in the hands of the pack, it becomes clear the motives they have behind kidnapping and using Blair. Their relationship, though fake at first became more real as they spent more time together. And as a result, a sort of love blossomed. But it would crumble when the truth was exposed.
With a change of heart, Sasha steals her away in the middle of the night and they begin their run to safety. Now they just need a plan to stop the werewolves plans for war before it's too late.

Since their introduction, the groups numbers have risen and fallen with new additions and deaths in the hives and packs. Women are not very common in either the hive orders or the packs as they have a small chance of survival after attempting to turn. Today, the Hive numbers have grown in the city to astounding numbers, and a fourth of them are women. But for the packs, their numbers have been dwindling steadily.
Now a fraction of the power they once were, they're now becoming more and more poverty stricken. With their dropping numbers and dwindling cash, they need a miracle.


This story takes place in the modern day. It is set in Seattle, WA.  
PostPosted: Fri Jan 08, 2016 8:13 pm
Story thus far:

A fateful introduction! We're starting off where Sasha and Blair meet for the first time under dubious circumstances. Should make for an interesting time!  

The Lilith Myth
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PostPosted: Sat Jan 09, 2016 1:35 pm
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Sasha Thompson <Last Name Unknown>
The Man With No Future, Or Was it Past?
Suspected Werewolf.
Wanted by the FBI for Battery, Arson, Assualt, Grand Theft Auto
Wanted by the Vampire Brotherhood: Enemy Combatent Status

Rain fell hard upon the pine trees of a lonely mountain valley in the Olympian mountain chain. The drops of water conforming on the thick overheard cover above and condensing into large water bombs assailing anything under the trees with heavy explosions of water, but it hindered none to the being. The heavy cast drops of rain smashed into the old Ripstop military BDU jacket. The mop of brown hair slowly melting, conforming to the head of a man who was all to focussed only on making it to a destination up ahead. All the mixed reds and browns and blonds that made up his earth brown hair, now blending into the color of rich mud. Dark tinted sun glasses, despite the overcast sky blocked any signs of emotions that the eyes of the man might have given. The rain did not let up, as the man finally made it to the place he had been heading. Physcially and mentally the destination was more then just the twenty miles from a vehicle parked on the side of the road. Left for the police to find and wonder were the occupant had been lost to. Left for someone else to find the keys tucked into the drivers flip down sun visor.

Waiting to carry someone that the men in the forest would never meet, nor care to know of. The $200,000 dollars in the glove compartment would giuve cry to the idea of a dead drug dealer, after a bad deal. Maybe that is what this was in the end. A bad deal. A bad dealing of the cards? Opponents with all of the aces? A hand without a pair? It didn't matter anymore.... All of the cards had been played, and the bets were to much for the man to bear anymore. Life had won. It took the better part of 300 years but in the end life had ripped the flicker of hope out of the man's..... no..... hollowed out vessel's..... vast emptiness of a heart. A single outcropping of dark, wet, grey rock erupting from the green soaked earth around it.

The men went limp as if the struggle had been much further. HIs knees collided with the earth, mud grabbing at his jeans. It was as if this very man's soul alone was crushing him. His eyes beyond the shades looked to the rock and to the deep scratched initials in the rock. A grave.... that know one would ever recognize as one. A single hot stream of a tear flowed from behind the tinted lenses, as the man slowly removed them from his face and place them on the ground beside him. His mind far from the rock he was before.

His mind raced back to the American 1800s. To a winter like known he had ever known, and waking up after collapsing in a white out in a Medical man's tent. Back to a time when he had been given a chance.

His mind raced back to stucco walls, and gunpowder. A small few against a wave of bodies storming walls that were ment to keep out far less. A single starred banner waving on. Sand becoming sticky with blood and sweat. A familiar voice behind him in the chaos.

A trench with more blood in the bottom of it then muddy water.
Forty years latter. A beach were the tide turned blood red. The same two men back to back fighting an enemy that had decided one licking wasn't good enough.

A Jungle with blood evoporating into the air, chocking humidity, and more bugs in one square foot then in the entirity of a sky scrapper in the land they watched together and called home. Though the names changed the man beside him had remained time and time again. The old Cherokee Indian Medicine man, and the mark of the wolf.

"Hello..... it's me."

The mind raced forward through all of the smiles, laughs, the losses, the wins, the girls, the cars, the times, the titles, the names, the drunken nights, the campfires, howling at the moon. All the way up to a single night 365 days prior to the day... A vampire owned club, under orders from a pack they had joined a couple decades prior, just to make the paper work easier in getting new names and cash flow. Just to make it all easier, never would have guessed that it would be the deal with the devil. That the small pack of the two men was far better then any safety in numbers. Two werewolves, a simple job, crash the place. Crash the place, take the cash, leave a message. No vampires, just half bloods. Afterall the bloodsuckers only ran the place, just like the saloons so long gone to the times. Women, drugs, and entertainment, in all of these the Vampires had their hand for generations, and longer still before Sasha's awakening to this world 300 years prior. The simple smash and grab was a trap.

The memory reared itself before Sasha and smashed what strength he had left. A human yell, distorted into a haunting howl as tears mixed with the rain upon his face. Man and animal cursing the heavens above. Emotions spilling out, scars burning. Pains consuming. This was the creation of a lone wolf. This was the sounds of hope being stripped from the mind and heart of a being. While caged in human flesh a beast who had seen the nature of man and learned well still reverted to the way of nature. Still like those cast out or abandoned, or left alive in the world of the natiive grey wolves alone. Rare, and not known for being able to live outside of a pack for long. Those that do are said to become something spiritually greater then those who find comfort and means within numbers. This would not be for long, no growth would be had as Sasha found the fimiliar handle of the Colt Peacemaker which had seen almost as many years as he had, still close at hand as it was in the days of being a bank robber.

"I was wonder that after some time away, you would be willing to finally sit down and meet. To go over everything...."

Sasha placed the barrel beneath his chin. Body shivering in pain. In the chamber a mear 6 inches down the metal shaft a special load that he had constructed foir himself. A Magnesium jacketed, petrefied wood shell. blessed and salted holy water between the two. Werewolves were tough, but it was doubtful that he would recover from the removal of most of his brain matter, exposure to searing UV light from the inside, holt water, salt, and a wooden core. Time had only brought him more pain and guilt. Time had only brought him creativity in this intiment moment before him and in his hand. No healing drifted to him in the winds that had blown the past year. In the end he had accepted that this would be the way it would be done. The overcast, chilly day, was as if nature herself was opening her arms to his sorrow accross the land. Inviting him in, crying with him.

A lever was pulled back, the old hammer preloading, the stiff long trigger pull now set feather light as Sasha's face began a transformation into a comfort. Comfort that even if he was sentenced to hell, that he could see his friend again soon. Wether it be in the depths of eternal fire or not, he would see what had become the only constant in his long life. The only friend not lost to time. Some time past as Sasha spoke to the wind around him. Dark heavy winged ravens took flight from the sound of gunfire from the woods, as the only remaining sound after the resounding echo of a single shot, rain upon the forest, somewhere in the Olympian mountains.

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 09, 2016 3:51 pm
"Lin, what do you even wear to a blind date?" The young brunette asked, feigning interest in the idea as she held up a black dress to her body and contemplating the look in the mirror. "Why do I have to go anyway? This is ridiculous." She tossed the dress on the bed and went back to the closet to rummage through the array of clothing.
"Not that. Anything but that." Her blond friend stood up from her cross-legged position on the bed and took the dress from her friend's hand. "You have the worst fashion sense, Blair." She tossed her friend's dress onto the bed and flipped her shoulder-length blond hair back. "You can't dress like an old lady. You've gotta look cute, but not like you're trying too hard."
"See, this is why I avoid dating. It sound like a pain." Blair fell to the bed with an exasperated sigh.
"Just give it a try. You've been alone for too long. It's time you at least went out and had a little fun. Besides, Phillip says he's pretty good looking." Lindsey pulled out several dresses and threw them all on the bed with different grunts of disgust. "Good thing I brought my clothes for you to try on."
"Why am I supposed to take Phil's word on this?" Blair sat up on her elbows and watched her friend take several dresses out of her suitcase. "Also, now that suitcase makes sense." She laughed quietly and sat all the way up. "But you're style is a lot more..." Blair paused. "risqué than mine. Which is basically a nice way of saying that your date night clothes consist of dresses that don't cover your a**."
Lindsey scowled at her friend. "I'll have you know, I brought over some very tasteful dresses for you. Like this one. It's blue and it matches your insanely beautiful eyes."
Blair looked the dress over and sighed. It was much too short for her taste, although the color was fairly nice. "Lin, that's not gonna work." She stood and went back to her closet. "If I'm gonna wear something, I might as well just wear this, yeah?" She pulled out a black dress from the back of her closet and held it up.
"Where were you hiding that?! It's perfect!" She took the dress and tossed it into the bathroom with her friend. "Put it on now. I'll grab some shoes and accessories and we can do your hair and make-up."
The door closed and Blair sighed. "I can do all that stuff myself, you know." She looked at herself in the mirror and rolled her eyes before doing as she was told.

A little while later, she saw Lindsey off and grabbed her own coat and headed for the bar. She wasn't sure what to expect from tonight. She'd had a vision about this, but it was hazy at best. Sometimes that happened though. Visions weren't always exact, and Blair knew that it wasn't always perfect to have psychic visions. Her life was always planned out and perfect. Sometimes it was a relief to not know exactly what was going to happen. Ever since she was a child she had been able to see into her own future. It had proven useful many times in her life, but her life was predictable and boring because of it. She had know Lindsey would be her best friend since she was in middle school. Every time she would have a vision, it would be about something that would happen to her in the future; never about anything other than things that affected her life. When she would try to look into the future of someone else, Blair would end up in bed with a migraine and feeling extremely sick. She had tried it once, when Lindsey and Phillip were going to break up. When she tried to look into Lindsey's future, she ended up in the bathroom for about an hour before she crawled to her bed and went to sleep for several more hours. Lindsey was so distressed over Blair's sudden illness that she had forgotten all about her fight with Phillip and they stayed together. Since then, Blair hadn't tried to look into anyone else's future for fear of worse pain or other debilitating things happening to her body.

Contemplating her night as she drove through the rain in her little car, she reached the bar they were supposed to meet at and parked, grabbing her jacket and pulling it over her head. She tried to park as close to the door as possible, pulling her car into the spot on the street in front of the bar. It was downtown, in a nice area of town. The street was well lit and she made her way quickly to the building as shook the raindrops off her coat and opened the door. Blair didn't really know who she was looking for, her hazy vision barely gave her any insight into the evening. The music pumped through the speakers loudly as she looked around and settled for a spot at the bar to wait. She set her purse on the bar top and the coat on the barstool before ordering herself a drink and waiting patiently; she had left early anyway. Maybe tonight would be interesting, for all she knew. Blair fiddled with her dress slightly, adjusting the neckline nervously as her drink was set in front of her. "Waiting for someone?" The bartender asked as he set down the drink on a napkin. His eyes were bright compared to the dark atmosphere of the bar.
"Oh, uh, yeah..." She responded quietly with a shy smile, wondering to herself why she bothered to come out in the first place. Lindsey was always so pushy about these things. After asking for so many times, Blair had decided to just satiate her friend by coming out once. At least she could use this as an excuse to deny any further requests of this nature from Lindsey and Phillip.

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 10, 2016 5:02 pm
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Sasha Thompson <Last Name Unknown>
The Man With No Future, Or Was it Past?
Suspected Werewolf.
Wanted by the FBI for Battery, Arson, Assualt, Grand Theft Auto
Wanted by the Vampire Brotherhood: Enemy Combatent Status

Two days after the colt let out an angry yell at the user and the heavens, or the underworld's chance at a soul Angry against the hands of time and fate as it weighed against the soul of a man who was ready in every way for death. THE member of the pack that possessed the tougne in cheek ******** your attitude and swagger to walk right into Vampire territory and give them the finger while standing boot to windpipe over the biggest gaurd they might have a location.

Aurora, the Beta of the pack. Wise and beautiful as they day she had turned as French noblity during the French Revolution. Her days of fighting long past her, and a life of luxery in the mansion normally her only demand in life. Picking which outfit to show her curves and keep those under the Alpha wanting. Also one of the few that Sasha found respect for over the last decades as part ot the pack. Her wisedom and understanding of the hierarchy of not only the pack of the wolves, but the world of man was refreshing from any life he had ever known on either side of the line splitting man and beast.

Her request was one last job for the benefit of the pack. To spare the need to possibly loss more of the pack members, most of them far younger then Sasha, and many only holding lessons from the streets not war, not lowless countryside long lost to the world. It was again for the same reason that Sasha had found himself in The Texan War of Freedom, World War I, World War II, Vietnam, he had gone to try and save one or two others. A human or two that he had made friends with. The ability to shrug off conventional weapons kept him safe when so many others fell around him.

Sasha thought back to her whispering to him like a whisper on the winds under the heavy rains. Somehow she had known. Somehow she had bet him to the unmarked grave. Her Saphire like eyes possibkly showing even a small amount of concern for the man she had found herself in a friendship with. With him their was no temptation. There was no thirst for power by making ties to people in the pack. Sasha, in some ways might have even had the strength to overthrow the Alpha. And more so even more to start his own pack, with many of the young pups looking up to the mysterious member who sometimes found himself in the bars that the pack held in it's territory. Sasha stayed outside of the politics. More then willing to protect his own name, but little for the names of others.

He was not unloyal. In the end the mysterous, rough around the edges wolf did all the pack ever asked of him. More then willing to take missions that at more then once should have ended his life. More then willing to go instead of others. In terms of workload, no one in the pack who knew Sasha would complain if he would hole up in a room in the mansion of the pack and live with the higher members of the inner circle and never work another day in his life. Parties, women, drugs, booze, money, power, he could take it and few would complain. The loyalty was a curse to the man.

This was the loyalty of a soldier. This was the loyalty of someone who had lived only under it at times in life. The idea that loyalty was the actions of watching the man next to you, and applying all you were to the notion. He had his anger at the way the pack was going but kept his mouth close. Doing what he could to keep others safe when he had the skills to do the job. He gritted his teeth as he stepped out of the first shower he had taken in more then the three days he had spent in a drunken stupor in his room in one of the small ins. Howling, yelling, and the sound of shattering glass interupting the silence.

His body held a tan, his hands calloused. At some point he might have tried shaving in days prior, but now he left the short stubble of a five 'o' clock shadow. He tried to focus as he watched the water from the tap cicle the drain in the sink, both arms positioned to support him on the banister. as he leaned forward. He began lining out the plans for the night.

1. Find something worth a damn to wear.... Aurora had apperently heard of the last couple of days and his mind went to the clothes she had chosen for him on the bed. A new pair of Martin Bates Combat Boots. Wool Socks, (a favorite since Vietnam), dark washed well fitting jeans, along with an athletic fit black T shirt. A dark washed leather jacket. His wallet had reappeared, along with the keys to a vehicle. A large stack of cash, His Colt Peacemaker would sit this one out as the pack had suoplied him with a new Slimeling Polymer Weapon. The Walther PPQ Mod 2 with a concealment holster and two spare magezines would replace it. His badge also found it's way back from hiding. US Marshall Special Agent Sasha Thompson, well made, and well backed, it was his current Allias. Aurora knew Sasha well... the clothes would fit great, as if custom tailored to his body. His only addition his jet black leather belt, Seiko wristwatch, and Sunglasses, not only for the hangover, but the sun itself was not a kind thing to Werewolves mearly two days from the full moon.

2. Enter into Vampire Territory, downtown Seattle. Not a nightclub or anything like he was used to, but a fancy joint. Use animal magnitism to seduce a possible psychic out from under Vampire reach.

3. Bring said female..... women.... Sasha thought about the file on the bed as well. Name... her name was........... Blair. Blair. Bring Blair to the mansion.

4. Get Blair in a room lock the door. Make a phone call, grab the breifcase with a new idenity, a chit sheet to get him out of questioning. a federal pardon of all crimes committed while in the pack, and 1.5 million dollars. Aurora's last attempt in attempting to save Sasha from the darkness in his heart.

Twenty mintues latter the sharp dressed man was on his way out from the inn. A 1968 Ford Mustang Boss 429 in Gloss Black heading towards his target. His favorite vehicle in the lot of the mansion.... also the main car of Sipris, the Alpha of the group.

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 11, 2016 5:23 pm
Blair studied her new companion quietly as he spoke. He was handsome enough; long dark hair tied at his shoulders and loosely hanging down his back, pale skin that seemed to rival the color white. His face was angular yet somehow pleasing to the eye. High cheekbones and a prominent nose between two bright eyes. His appearance was well kempt, his nacy colored velvet blazer hanging open to showcase his white button up shirt left slightly open at the collar. It was ticked into dark jeans that ended where black wingtip shoes protruded from underneath the hem. He was dressed well, if not better than her. She hadn't honestly put much effort into her looks tonight. Aside from the dress and hair, everything was fairly basic as far as a date night outfit was concerned. The man was entertaining enough, easy to follow in a conversation and pleasant to look at. Blair noted he smelled slightly sweet, yet spicy, when he would try and get closer to her. The scent was pleasing enough, if not a little strange for a man to smell of. She noted his drink choice, a dry martini with two olives. As he spoke, she nursed her own drink quietly: a rum and coke. Keep it simple.

Although she was having a fine time with him, carrying an intelligent conversation along even as the music blared through the speakers above them, there was no attraction. Blair couldn't help but wonder why Phillip even bothered to set this date up. The gentleman didn't look like the usual type that Phil was known to hang out with. As far as boasting his looks, he wasn't off the mark. But the man seemed almost more beautiful than Blair had ever felt in her life. It was as though he was otherworldly. Many women had glanced in their direction. Casting envious glares and sighs toward the couple as they conversed at the bar. Clearly he was admired by many of the other women at the bar. Far be it for her to hog all his attention. He didn't even cast a wayward look away from her, as if he were honed in and focused on her. If she were honest, it was mildly unsettling to have so much attention on her. No guy had looked at her with such intensity I'm quite a while. And even though she knew the break up was inevitable with Shaun, she let herself get carried away in the moment while it lasted. Just because she could see her future didn't mean she couldn't enjoy it. Most of the time though, it was very inconvent to see her own future, since she knew everything that would happen and life became mundane. She always knew what was around the corner and life held no surprises or interest anymore. Blair was bored; probably one of the reasons she agreeded to meet this man. Nate, she thought his name was. Hopefully. When she'd bad the vision of tonight, it was fuzzy. There wasn't much definition at all, and she wasn't sure what to expect. Just one night of the unexpected was all she asked.

His steady stream of speech was cut short as a few women purposefully bumped into him, spilling some of their drink on his shirt. He audibly cursed, but gave them a bright smile. They fluttered around him worriedly as he dabbed with a napkin at the clear stain. He excused himself to use the facilities and promised to be back with Blair in just a moment, touching her hand softly before he left. She smiled sweetly and patiently as he made his way through the crowd, the ladies at his heels. Blair rolled her eyes and ordered another drink; third one in the hour she had been here. Any more and she would likely have to hail a taxi to drive her home. She'd never been a heavy drinker, and she was usually knocked out by the fourth or fifth drink. But she was allowing herself some wiggle room tonight, and she was drinking them slowly. That helped too, right? Anything to keep her mind off of the fact that she had agreed to come out on this ridiculous date looking the way she did, feeling the way she did about the man whom she was set up with. Anything to make her life just a little less predictable. Blair rested her elbow on the bar and her chin on the back of her hand while she waited, watching people come and go from the bar, sometimes hand in hand. Wouldn't that be nice? She thought, moving her gaze to watch the restrooms for Nate. The bartender reappeared with her drink and winked one similar bright eye at her. Blair noticed several similarities between him and her absent date, but thought nothing more of it. Admittedly, she was feeling slightly fuzzy from lack of food and excess of alcohol.  

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 21, 2016 3:53 pm
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Sasha Thompson McAndrews <Last Name Unknown>
The Man With No Future, Or Was it Past?
Suspected Werewolf.
Wanted by the FBI for Battery, Arson, Assualt, Grand Theft Auto
FBI Special Agent
Wanted by the Vampire Brotherhood: Enemy Combatent Status

"What kind of FBI agent drives one of those? This whole thing seems fishy man.."

Sasha grinned as he came up behind the two police officers that were part of his cover tonight. He placed two firm grips on the men's shoulders and peeked his head between them, splitting the two officers. "Don't judge me boys, I'm on vacation, and I dont invest much on where I live when I change states every few months. Gotta have some fun every now and then right?" He peeked over the rims of his sunglasses, that protected his eyes from the high light enviroment around him near the resteraunt. Werewolves, while not allergic to light, still had serious issues with bright light, the closer and closer it got to a full moon.

The officers bought it and slowly cracked grins accross their faces. A nervous chuckle escaping their lips as Sasha tugged them around towards him and the front door behind him. "Come on boys, I'd like to get back to my vacation. Simple nap and grab. I grab him you read him his rights and the FBI takes over taking the girl into protective custody out of state until the time of the trial." The entire ploy was surface deep.The warrant was real enough, the judge however was questionable. The police were here under orders from their department, but were entirely human as to avoid open confrontation of Sasha in the heavy occupied Vampire owned establishment. Sasha was and had been for the last 7 years and FBI Special agent under the name of McAndrews, and had been working his own case, of another one of his allias' Sasha Thompson. It was the perfect cover. Covering nearly all of his own actions at the cost of getting chewed out by a very real FBI Deputy Director.

Sasha approuched the front door were the doorman was prompt at putting himself between Sasha and the two uniformed officers. "Business or pleasure boys?"

"I prefer both to be honest Jenkins." Sasha tried to move past the man, but was intercepted again by a stiff, cold, hand.

"Sorry Sir, unless you have a warrant the establishment is closed to you tnight I'm afraid. You will have to leave." The man had an arrogent tone to himself. Arrogent like he had won over a completely foiled plan. Arrogent that he would gain favor for this action. Arrogence of someone who thought they had done a job well done in the face of adversity..... In other words... Someone up for the promotion of immortality, someone looking to be turned as reward for good service.

Sasha grinned a smile only the devil himself could muster. A snarling, tone of checkmate upon his lips, as the officer behind him tucked their thumbs into their belts and also mustered the same, stance and posture. Sasha began unfolding the peice of paper in his front breast pocket before forcing it into the doorman's face. "Warrant. You touch me again and it's interfering with a police investigation."

The man began to stutter as Sasha began again to move past him, the police right to his back. Then he made the mistake out of desperation that the police behind Sasha wouldn't know to be a once in a lifetime attempt at immortality. Before the man could stutter out another word Sasha had shoved him aside and was now moving briskly towards the door. His eyes making out the figures in the crowd snapping to attention. Sentries, all awaiting orders from someone in the building. All waiting for orders to stop the wolf from entering the building. No order would be given to them for action at the hotel. No they would be apart of an attack latter. Not now. The vampires were thorough but at times predictable. Which made this snatch and grab a matter of confidence, and the hands of someone that has done this trick before. Sasha, all though this time he was told the catch was much bigger then normal.

It didnt matter to him he wasn't in the winning side of this equation. He was an addition, he was a number, he was a nuetralizer that balanced the equal sign. As he walked in his entire soul was exposed for the differences.

He was rock and roll to the atmosphere of classical, composed, orchestras
He was grunge to pop.
Cowboy, to movie star.
Whiskey to champaign
Western Gunfighter, to European Duelist

...... And he loved every second of it. His eyes raised to meet the eyes of a lovely woman. His target, ever feature exploding far past the curves and lines he had studied on the photo he had received in the briefing. She far surpassed the masters of art, both film and upon canvas, and she wasnt alone as a man aruptly cut in front of Sasha heading towards the table. Sasha was unsure if he knew why or even what Sasha was, but his timing felt like a block. Sasha followed in step only a couple of feet behind the man, who would be revealed as the date for the night. The vampire that would lead Blair off into the lifestyle of a vampire. The man he just had his plan stopped cold.

His face would twist into disgust from his cheerful smile towards Blair, as Sasha had enough information to know that this was the man in the warrant. For once the intel on this job was perfect. No impromptu acting. His solid, firm, and iron like restraint on the vampires shoulder stopped the vampire in his tracks. Warm flesh sinking past the layers of clothing and warming cold skin. The cops were on the perp, the perps eyes were whipping around to Sasha, his body slowly moving to meet him in the eyes. Sasha's eyes remained lost in Blair's eyes. Comfortable in the situation he was in.
Rage, pride, and a bit of arrogence was the basic response of many elite in society. Those with money and power always seemed to have the same basic mixed response of emotions. This man would never let anyone touch him unless he allowed it, and Sasha had just s**t all over that idea. Crushing through that boundry that the man held dear to what made him after all these decades alive. Immortality was fun, though only vampire possessed it, werewolves mearly aged much much slower then a normal human. maybe only a year for every twenty. The elmination of free radicals was an amazing thing. Yet despite both groups living for long periods of time, both seemed to appeal to two different types of humans. Vampires with their money, power, networks, and business empires, while werewolves stayed within there own packs. Not skyrises, or clubs, but car shops, drugs, fire arms running, mercanary work. The differences were something that Sasha had pondered as he looked at the vampire turning to him, a comfortable smirk on his mug, as the vampire realized the two officers behind him were not on his pay. They were not vampires, they weren't local officers, but state troopers, slightly outside the range of immediate control. He was going to jail, at least for a small amount of time.

Sasha let the handcuffs uncurl from his right hand where he had them tucked. The open cuff swinging catching the eyes of yet again three men in the resteraunt with concern in their eyes, unable to act. Small earpeices demanding them to stand down. Orders from someone watching over camera from a penthouse. Someone much higher in the command chain, someone demanding respect if they were left boiling in their anger and disgust of a werewolf taking one of their own from his own home, from his own family.

A show of warrants, a sinking display of the man who could only keep stuttering and explaination to Blair at the table. A reading of the charges. White collar crimes, some insider trading, clash of interest, and one that Sasha had requested for fun, a sexual harresment charge from the man's secratary, and then there was the big one, a real one, mob connection to a human trafficing ring run out of one of the clubs in his name... A reading fo the rights and Sasha was left waving lightly as the man was taken away by the other officers. A beaming smile on his face as the vampire's hawk like features attempted to glare a hole through his head.

Sasha's eyes moved back to Blair's confused look as to what just happened. He moved towards the table and made himself at home in the chair accross from her, and waived over the waiter holding two meals on a platter in the corner of the room. Motioning to bring the food. Might as well eat the company was paying the bill this time. "Friend of yours?" He said motioning to the revolving door still moving as the Vampire, her date ws dragged away. Sasha was now sitting in as den of vampires. And his safety likely depended on the amount of people in the room who were human and unaware of their existence.

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Blair watched in bemused annoyance as her date was apprehended as he was coming back from the bathroom. Instead of being shocked and angry, she went to a table with her drink and sat down, watching her date get arrested with mild concern as she sighed. It was just her luck, honestly. She'd never been lucky enough to find a good guy like Phil was for Lindsey, but of course she could see the bad ones coming from a mile away. There was nothing she could do about that, but this was a new one for her. The whole experience so far was rather bland, except for the arrest now. Blair sat down in the chair and downed her drink, but her eyes caught with the man who was with the police. He was obviously not a police officer, but some kind of law enforcement. Maybe someone higher up. He was watching with an amused expression on his face, his eyes locked with hers a moment more before he came to sit down with her at the table. Food was delivered to her and her new companion, and he spoke to her with a smile. Blair smiled a bedazzling grin towards her new friend. "Not really, no." The food was set down in front of them and she wondered when he had time to order anything in the time it had taken to arrest her date. Her head nodded elegantly in the direction of the revolving door. "What'd he really do? I mean, he was a self-obsessed arrogant prig, but last I checked, policemen and what I assume to be government agents of some sort," Her eyes ran up and down his body in a slow manner. "Well, they don't generally arrest people for being assholes. Or can you not tell me?" Blair's blue eyes twinkled with mischief as she set her chin on the back of her hand that was propped up by her elbow on the table. "Of course, I'm sure you can't tell me. That would be against the rules." She laughed softly, sitting back in her chair and crossing her arms under her chest, legs crossed and dress hiked up mid-thigh from her position. Her leg bounced gently as she appraised her gentleman friend. She had definitely had more than she needed as far as drinks were concerned. Blair wasn't normally quite so forward when it came to strange men, but after all that had happened, she threw caution to the wind for the night. Just one night couldn't hurt.

The food did smell good, but Blair was more concerned with the man sitting across from her. People in the bar were looking at them different. Before, no one had really bat an eyelash as her dat her herself standing at the bar. Except those horrid girls. But now people were glaring at them, looking at them in a whole new way that she wasn't entirely comfortable with. She looked around slowly, making note of who was watching them at their table. Mostly the staff were keeping tabs on their position in the bar. A few people in the crowd were looking their way, but most of them were talking amongst themselves about the man who was arrested and going about their night with that new bit of gossip to keep them occupied. And try as she might, she couldn't see into her future. Everything was fuzzy, and it was honestly beginning to give her a headache. She decided against looking once more and watched her companion with a smile. One hand came up to fiddle with the half moon pendant on her choker while her bright blue eyes assessed him and her new situation. He could be dangerous, but she doubted he was dangerous to her. It seemed more likely he was along for the ride with the policemen, possibly as an overseer of sorts. He was quite a bit more handsome than her previous date. While the man from before was handsome, he was quite a bit more on the feminine side than she liked. The man before her now was much more rugged. He seemed like the kind of guy Phillip would know, more than the previous now-arrested-and-in-custody man. Just wait until Lindsey got ahold of that information; boy would Phil never hear the end of it. Blair smiled and chuckled softly. "If it isn't too much to ask, a name to put to a face is always appreciated." Her eyes caught his and watched and waited for an answer. She wasn't about to give away anything in this game of chess. She was much too rusty anyway; she was hoping she at least came off as somewhat competent. It had honestly been some time since she'd done any kind of verbal tango with a date. Verbal tango? Blair inwardly groaned at her own train of thoughts. Who says that? At least it wasn't out loud.

But still, there was something about him that was interesting. Interesting enough for her to stick around at least for a while longer. But the stares were hard to ignore. It was quite unnerving for Blair that they were all staring so intensely at her new date. Maybe they should leave while it was still somewhat peaceful before things got bad. "Well, as much as I like being watched like a hawk, I think maybe I should be going, since my date was absconded with. You're welcome to join me for a walk, since I've had way more liquor than I intended, and I would be remiss if I didn't offer for you to join me..." Blair stood and pulled the hem of her skirt down, grabbing her jacket and clutch and heading for the door. Part of her hoped he followed her, because if this was all that happened tonight, she would be a little disappointed. Usually when her visions were hazy, things almost always got crazy. "I'd rather not get caught with a DUI while with a law officer. That seems rather silly, don't you think?" She turned to face her new friend and smiled.

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Sasha Thompson McAndrews
The Man With No Future, Or Was it Past?
Suspected Werewolf.
Wanted by the FBI for Battery, Arson, Assualt, Grand Theft Auto
FBI Special Agent
Wanted by the Vampire Brotherhood: Enemy Combatent Status

Sasha sunk down into the set in a manner not that of a gentleman and more like a sinking into an old chair after a long day of work and a cold beer in the hand, but then again he wasn't dressed for this occassion. He was likely the only one in the entire building wearing a pair of jeans. He spoke as he looked around with what was becoming quickly all eyes on them, before turning back to the captivating female before him. "Not really much to tell mam'. A bunch of white collar crimes that every single member of the New York stock exchange could likely be charged with and convicted. By all means the man wouldn't have even peeked the interest of the FBI if it wasn't for the little issue that attractive females have a bad habit of disappearing around him, and of course his considerable mob connections, laundrying his money and likely their's in off shore accounts and foreign banks." He continued to watch her in glances as he let that sink into her eyes, while he began pushing food around the plate before him. What is this food? Why the hell... Goddamnit I want a burger.... While a portion of his mind began thinking of the burger he would track down after the encounter with Blair, the other part of his head stayed in the game with quick glances to her, to see if she would run for it. To see if she knew what was coming to her, but also to the men around the room beginning to tense more and more, the figmentary leashes bound to them, become more and more taunt with desire to rip the cocky mutt now relaxing in their most fancy establishment in town, the business center of the group's local control, with not only the single most captivating woman in the room, but one whom they so desperately desired in both flesh and mind.

Allowed to choose the chances of her becoming a vampire as a female were far greater then a werewolf, and she would likely rise quickly to the higher ranks, especially if she went along with the plan to kill the mut werewolves who wanted to do the same thing but with much more risk to herself in the process. She would likely be a 'thing' to someone higher up before being promised a seat of power if she helped in a power struggle. Oh while Sasha was a mere outlier in his own pack he knew the ins and outs of both parties, he knew the politics and the agendas of both, and neither of them diviated much from the same course.

He answered her second question, promptly snapping forward from his more reclined postion and taking the small, billfold, suede, leather, badge protector showing her his ID as an FBI agent, and smoothly turning the page with his index finger, from the same hand holding it outstretched accross the table as he changed from recited norm, to a flirty twist, given the rosy cheeks becoming obvious in the woman accross from him. "Federal Burue of Investigation very special agent Sasha McAndrews" His smug jade green eyes, peered over her over the top of his badge, eyes colored with every shade of green that composed the trees in mid summer of an endless forest reaching from horizon to horizon. Eyes thirsty for the refreshing, crisp, blue eyes just as reflective as the sun kissed waves of the crystal clear tropical bays. Inside he felt a tug against an open wound of emotions accross his heart, and at that moment he felt his heart take the bait, and suddenly felt his stomach drop into the depths of darkness, before springing back up like a bunjee jumper. The mark.... the target had just become a little bit more to him. It was going to hurt.... It was going to hurt more when he drove away from her at the mansion then he would know. No those eyes belonged to a woman who would come close to ripping out his heart, and stealing quick his very understanding of life and his 'job' from him. Beating his sense of belonging in the world, taking from him all of his accomplishments.... it would be more blackout drunk nights as he put as much blacktop between himself and the pack.... and her, standing in the rear view mirror with his heart clenched in furious, rightous, rage.

Sasha was quick behind her, still keeping his distance as to not set off any of her powers. He didnt know if touching her or her things was a good idea at the moment. He was delight with the fact that she had also seen the stares and wanted to dismiss herself from present company and atmosphere. He also found happiness that warmed his soul in the eyes of the defeated men he had come to blows with many a times as he was walking out with THEIR mark. THEIR mission was now in his hands and he now had the intiative. "Ahhh I think it's the law for me to inform you that I'm as of, right now on paid vacation from the FBI." He smiled to her as she turned to see if he was following her. Waiting for her to focus on leaving before turning quickly and pointing his fingers of his right hand outstretched in the shape of a gun towards one of the security camera's on his way out the door. Mocking whoever was on the other end of the wire. He mouthed 'Pow' and recovered with just enough time to sneak past her second peak back to him.

His mind went back to his gut, as he brought up the motion of her joining him for dinner instead at a small chinese place up the road from them, noticing full well that while she had enjoyed the high end wine, she had not touched her meal. It was a whim, but the chemistry was playing off alright so far. He only hoped his luck paid off and the night would go without a hitch.....

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"What a weird dream..." Blair mumbled to herself as she stretched out her arms above her head, sitting up in bed. Light softly filtered through the curtains into the bedroom, illuminating the deep maroon colored comforter she'd thrown back to swing her legs out and down to stand. "Would be kinda nice if it were true though, at least at the end..." She smiled to herself before going about her morning routine: coffee and toast before a brisk run, shower and heading off to work. It wasn't long before she got a phone call from her friend, asking if she had any plans tonight. Blair quickly came to the conclusion that this dream was real and was going to happen tonight.
The rest of the day was a blur, the work day whizzing by in a boring montage of paperwork and idle small talk. Then came Lindsey with an armful of her short little dresses and a lot of talk and sass. Soon enough she was back at the bar with her date, but something didn't feel right. Something about the night was different than her dream. Most of it was almost exactly like in her dream.

Except this time, the further they got to talking, her slightly foppish date and herself, the more uncomfortable it became. He was antsy, looking around the room nervously the more time went on. Blair was getting the feeling her vision had lied to her. It wasn't always accurate, but it was at least close. She was on a blind date at the least, but it was becoming horribly awkward. "Uhm, are you alright? Expecting anyone?" Blair asked the man, whose name she couldn't remember (Paul maybe? Or George? Didn't matter.) He was so occupied with looking around the bar that she made to heave a heavy sigh and head towards a seat, but he grabbed her wrist before she could leave.
"No! I mean-" He stumbled over his words as his grip tightened on her wrist.
"Ow, okay, I think it's time to call it a night, sorry..." Blair tried to pry his hand from her wrist but to no avail. It was cold and apparently stuck there tighter than she thought. "I really should get home. I have work tomorrow morning anyway, so..." She desperately searched for excuses to get away from the man holding her tightly in his grasp.
"It'll be fine. Just, you know, stick around for a while. I'll order some more drinks." The young man smiled, keeping his grip on her wrist tight as he motioned for the bartender to fill their cups up once again.
Blair quietly begged the universe for the government agent man to finally show up. Maybe he would be able to get her out of this jam Lindsey had gotten her into. Everything was going fine up until now; now that she couldn't feel her left hand. She wiggled her arm slightly, trying to loosen the grip, feeling her heart beat raise and her mood getting desperate to get away from her suddenly clingy date. "Just let go!" She spoke loudly, trying to get attention but it garnered none from the patrons, as if they were used to such a sight in such a nice part of town.
"I'm sorry, Blair, but I can't do that. We're so close now, we only need you to help us." He grinned a menacing grin as he spoke his confusing words, pointy canines slightly more noticeable now.

Blair was about to question what he was talking about, because it literally sounded insane, the door kicked open and those two cops from her vision stormed in. This was not going the way her vision had promised her. She internally grumbled about her so-called gift as the man yanked her behind him before the last man came into view from the door. The agent looked different this time; much more menacing than the somewhat fun-loving man she had seen in her vision. Blair made a mental note to slap Lindsey upside the head if she ever got the chance again. This was going tits up, and not in a good way.

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Sasha Thompson McAndrews
The Man With No Future, Or Was it Past?
Suspected Werewolf.
Wanted by the FBI for Battery, Arson, Assualt, Grand Theft Auto
FBI Special Agent
Wanted by the Vampire Brotherhood: Enemy Combatent Status

Sasha's eyes opened, and were then instantly blinded by the orange, blazing light of the setting sun breaking through his blinds and assaulting his eyes with little mercy for the rude awakening. Back to reality ole' boy. He groaned as he threw his legs to the end of the small cot and set up. "Yeah.... ******** you too..." He threw a stiff middle finger to the setting orb and coughed out a small scoffing laugh at himself. The whole thing was a dream. The girl, her acceptance to come alone. How easy the hustle was. It was all just a haunting dream held above him, and the likelihood of nothing ever being so easy in his experience. Even in the dream his cynical mind had told him that the events were occurring much to cleanly to be a part of the gritty existence he called life.

Same outfit as before, only this time the sleeves were allittle stiffer, and he felt a small tug, and then a pop as some of the stitches loosened in the shoulder areas of the new shirt. Before seven hours ago Branic had never heard of a Psychic, he found that humorous even after all he had seen he never thought the ability to actually see the future was true. Mediums, sure sometimes, Blackmagic, yes if the spellbook was original, voodoo, quji boards, all of them worked if you had the right one, but the ability to see the futue, not to guess it, or put peices together but to see a future is something Sasha never counted on actually being real. And from what he could see between the lines most of the pack didnt ever think this was a thing either. The information report itself was thin, leaning mainly on findings from heiroglyphs and accounts of the early catholic church. And now a chill just spread up his spin.

A chill of him thinking of the stories of people picking up the gift if they were in connection with the psychic. Legends of people having connections before they even meet, tied in with the idea of pregnant women becoming suddenly able to see what their child would look like in the future. Flashes of a tie of fate. God he hoped that he hadnt just had that. Not for the task at hand. If he was tied to that girl.... and with what he had to do.... and the purpose... then he wouldnt be the only tie. A chill of those blue eyes, catching the lights of the room like the glistening waves off a beach down south. Not highlighting the beauty of the bright light, but only to highlight a beauty of the entire scene. And then his stomach sank, a sickening feeling in his gut that his 'salute' to Dracul might not go unpunished. That his cockiness even in a dream might get the better of him..

What wasnt different was what Sasha was taking with him. The FBI registered PPQ sidearm was on his thick, leather buck hide, black belt, tucked away and hidden. The duffle bag that he had packed in the armory in the basement of the mansion however was not something he had taken during his dream. A feeling in his gut that this time was different, the reality that he was making it different. His heavy boots fell to the hardwood floor towards the door before he was stopped while basing a fireplace lit room.

"Don't take my car." A growl from the pack leader within the darker corner of the room, likely surrounded by the packmates of the night.

Sasha only cocked his head and peered into the room from the hallway.

The voice came again. "I had a dream last night that you took my car... Not this time Sasha. Any other car in the garage, but not the Boss."

The hair on the back of Sasha's neck stood up again just as he was gaining some comfort in the sack of weapons, gadgets, and tools in the duffle bag at his side lost all of it's warmth like a balloon that had suddenly lost air. But his mouth remained in the smirk as he responded and continued to the door. "I thought I was going to get the psychic boss?" Sasha never saw the pack leader motion two pack members to tail him. Never had to. Knew all alone that the only trust he had in completing as job this big came from Niome, and ended with her as well. Sasha waved off being a errand-boy for the boss along time ago. The term loose cannon would imply that Sasha was on a leash and under control by anything more then his undying sense of loyalty that for the last couple of months he had done nothing but try to pry from his empty, hollowing chest.

Sasha didnt know weither or not to feel comforted, or feel uneasy about watching himself follow the script of his dream from the night before. A small hope was some how surviving that the night would work out like in the dream, the other half of his mind painfully aware that the simpleness of him knowing about the future changed everything. The way he walked, his smirk, the bag of weapons dispersed in the cabin of the Ford Boss Mustang. His mind double checking if they were all ready and able to be reached in the given situations. Short of the long he was no longer a free floating hustler, he had brought a solid, rigged plan in his mind. He was no longer floating on the highs and low, he was molding them in his mind.

"What kind of FBI agent drives one of those? Who does this guy think he is fooling?.."

Sasha grinned as he came up behind the two police officers that were part of his cover tonight. He placed two firm grips on the men's shoulders and peeked his head between them, splitting the two officers. "Don't judge me boys, I'm on vacation, and I dont invest much on where I live when I change states every few months. Gotta have some fun every now and then right?" He peeked over the rims of his sunglasses, that protected his eyes from the high light environment around him near the restaurant. Werewolves, while not allergic to light, still had serious issues with bright light, the closer and closer it got to a full moon.

The officers bought it and slowly cracked grins across their faces grabbed his arm in the beginning of a standard police take down to a pair of cuffs around the wrist. Sasha's heart sunk, s**t had hit the fan. Something was off and he wasn't in on the joke. He pulled back and hard before the tightness of the grip on his forearm became a one way ticket into the warm pavement. . A nervous chuckle escaping their lips as Sasha's lips as he stepped back from the officers . "Come on boys, I'd like to get back to my vacation. Simple nap and grab. I grab him you read him his rights and the FBI takes over taking the girl into protective custody out of state until the time of the trial. You both seem to be getting a little to friendly for me."

The entire ploy was surface deep. The ploy was up, and with some legal help, Dracul had gotten a burn noticed placed on the very real account of Sasha McAndrews. He was to be arrested for fraud, and charged as an FBI officers. The news had just gotten put through on the radio before his arrival. The FBI themselves now at the station ready to take in the girl, and Sasha. The girl for protection, which would leave her right back in a safe house under Dracul's pay, and right back to him. The warrant was real enough, The warrant for Sasha was real enough, and the slight bribing of the Judge had him slowly putting less and less motion into pushing through any charges that came of the loose accusations of the FBI Agent.. The police were here under orders from their department, but were entirely human as to avoid open confrontation of Sasha in the heavy occupied Vampire owned establishment, but now it was confrontation for the show of the Vampires likely watching from one of the reflective glass window panels from a higher floor. Snickering as their plans, of money and influence began to best a hustler of the streets. Proud of themselves for somehow outsmarting the man, on a 'whim' of one of their younger executives.... Dracul.... Sasha was and had been for the last 7 years and FBI Special agent under the name of McAndrews, and had been working his own case, of another one of his allias' Sasha Thompson. It was the perfect cover. Covering nearly all of his own actions at the cost of getting chewed out by a very real FBI Deputy Director, and now it was coming to the end. Sasha had to think fast.

The accusations were real. This place dispised cops, and the drugs, and prostitues of the city found comfort in the building before them. The white coller criminals went to for comfort. This place was a palace of everything the cops were against, but yet couldnt touch. And every officer loved his city. Every officer in the end wore the badge for a reason of love for the people, his family, his kids, or the city. They moved in on him again. He through up his hand for them to both stop, and they both slowed down, noticing the gun at the man;s hip. Not wanting to be the reason and FBI agent and a cop had it out in the public display. Sasha kept his voice down to a growl. "What now boys, you gonna arrest me? Someone up above telling you to stand down again on this place? Telling you Im some crooked agent? Hmm. We are outside right now. We are here and I have the warrant in my hand. If you both just use your heads youll know that this is politcal red tape and you are getting ******** out of catching one of the bastards that ******** ruin your streets. We are right here, and there is an innocent girl in there about to get into some trouble she could do without. The only thing stopping you is a radio contact, and you could easily forget about it. Just pretend that you are out of the damn car, and you're radio is turned down. Either way I go to jail at the end, but you still get to hold the son of a b***h and question him. He might not go to the slammer, but score one for the good guys we drag his happy a** out of his hideout in front of all of the people who think they are safe in that building. " The argument began to sink in. The partners looked to each other for the answer and seemed to be okay with forgetting they had radios at the moment. Sasha watched as they both turned down their radios, and stood up straight offering a handshake to Sasha he slowly allowed them to grip him. They seemed to bite, they seemed to like the idea of taking an a*****e down, and storming the gates. It was the type of hope and integrity that came with a shorter life span. One that came when your hide wasnt descent at stopping a couple of rounds. The judgement of a mortal being.

Sasha approached the front door were the doorman was prompt at putting himself between Sasha and the two uniformed officers. "Business or pleasure gentleman?"

"I prefer both to be honest Jenkins." Sasha. said as he regained his confidence and tried to move past the man, but was intercepted again by a stiff, cold, hand.

"Sorry Sir, unless you have a warrant the establishment is closed to you tonight I'm afraid. You will have to leave." The man had an arrogant tone to himself. Arrogant like he had won over a completely foiled plan. Arrogant that he would gain favor for this action. Arrogance of someone who thought they had done a job well done in the face of adversity..... In other words... Someone up for the promotion of immortality, someone looking to be turned as reward for good service.

Sasha grinned a smile only the devil himself could muster. A snarling, tone of checkmate upon his lips, as the officer behind him tucked their thumbs into their belts and also mustered the same, stance and posture. Sasha began unfolding the peice of paper in his front breast pocket before forcing it into the doorman's face. "Warrant. You touch me again and it's interfering with a police investigation." Sasha noted that the officer had already begun to move their way to the door before him. Again the entire field began to change around him from what had occurred in the dream.

The man began to stutter as Sasha began again to move past him, the police right to his back. Then he made the mistake out of desperation that the police behind Sasha wouldn't know to be a once in a lifetime attempt at immortality. Before the man could stutter out another word Sasha had shoved him aside and was now moving briskly towards the door. His eyes making out the figures in the crowd snapping to attention. No Sentries. The vampires were thorough but at times predictable, but this time they werent following the books, and that was never a good thing.

As he walked in his entire soul was exposed for the differences. He would see like the dream last night. He was ready to rock the scene. Get the girl. And.... There was no saving the day but perhaps a shot of good alcohol and a job well done.

He was rock and roll to the atmosphere of classical, composed, orchestras
He was grunge to pop.
Cowboy, to movie star.
Whiskey to champaign
Western Gunfighter, to European Duelist....

He was the dumbass that just walked into a trap. The dumb American, with a six-shooter at his side staring down refined polymer assault weapons. Everyone in the bar was a sympathizer, and ever sentry, replaced with an armed personnel. Sasha's eyes went wide as he saw the smirk on Blair's dates face. An explosion rang out as one of the officer's chest exploded forward, as his back was belted by nine millimeter ammunition fired from an FBI PPQ model handgun from someone behind Sasha. He partner turned only to meet the face of a single round in the face. Everything had gone to s**t, and while Sasha's mind should have been working on plans, his eyes fell back into looking at Blair's Blue, betraying eyes. Knowingly or not, she had ******** over the night rather nicely for him.

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"Let me go!" Blair struggled to get her wrist back from the man as he tightened his grip. She could feel the black and blue bruises she would have from his overly strong hand. Her blue eyes met with the man from her dream, desperately seeking help only to find annoyance and coldness emanating from them. And then suddenly gunshots. Blood. Screams. Her eyes went wide, searching the room for a way to escape. Anything. Her heart was racing in her chest, her body tingling with adrenaline. Obviously nobody was her ally in this room. All the patrons of the bar were either staring at the cop with loathing that was so obvious she was likely to see it from space, or they were watching her with eyes filled with a mixture of glee and hope (and not in a good way; more like 'a creepy stalker stares at his prey' way.) Why would they need her? It's not like she could use her gift to look into any one person's future. What if they take her to whomever they were going to take her to and she couldn't do what they wanted of her? What then? The horrible thoughts ran through her mind as her ear rang from the deafening sound of the gunshots. She wasn't sure what to do now. Nothing was safe, everything was terrifying and she was frustrated she had even agreed to this date in the first place. Did Lindsey and Phillip know about this? No, they couldn't have... If they had known, then that would mean that they had known about her ‘gift’ this whole time, which is likely what the people in this room were all after, seeing as a normal person wouldn’t likely be in this position. Blair quietly contemplated these thoughts, feeling her body go numb. Her eyes welled up with tears that threatened to overflow if she didn’t stop them. They met with the cop’s own eyes as he looked at her with annoyance. She wasn’t sure how she had caused his irate behavior, but somehow this wasn’t the same look she had been getting in her dream. He seemed so carefree and sweet, sexy even. And yet, here he was, two blown away cops near him, with that look of sheer annoyance marring his handsome face.

Feeling the grip on her hands loosen slightly, Blair tore her eyes away from the cop to possible exit points she could leave through. Anything she could easily make her way to and escape quickly enough that she wouldn’t be followed after by too many people. She wasn’t sure what kind of s**t she had stumbled into, but it was going to hit the fan any second, and she wanted no part of it for her future. Taking the moment to plan her escape while her heart raced out of her chest, Blair ripped her hands free and made a run for the back door of the club, not far from her place at the bar. Stumbling slightly in her haste, Blair pushed the door open and ran out into the damp night leaving behind the angry shouts and hopefully the bulk of crazy people behind her. She left her purse at the bar, so car keys and phone were out of the question. Lindsey and Phillip lived not too far from here, so at least she had some sort of a plan.
Running full speed into the night was not comfortable in heels, and generally very cold when splashing in puddles and in an outfit suited for a date, not for running for your very life. By the time she made it to the doors of Lindsey’s apartment, she was smashing the intercom button as fast as she could. Breathing hard, she desperately prayed that she was still awake and would answer the door. Just after she had prayed to whomever was listening, a groggy Lindsey answered the intercom. “Hello?” Her voice strained against the sleep her mind obviously wanted.
“LINDSEY OPEN THE DOOR. PLEASE.” Blair shouted into the speaker, her finger jamming the button so hard it was turning white from lack of blood flow.
“Blair? Hold on.” The door buzzed open and Blair’s cold hands gripped the handle and pushed, her whole body shaking in fear. She pushed the button for the elevator and found she couldn’t stand to wait in the open so took to the stairs and quickly fled up three flights.
The door was open when she reached it and she walked into the apartment to find Lindsey waiting for her by the couch. “What the hell happened, Blair?” She wrapped a blanket around Blair and sat her down on the furniture next to her.
The next thing Blair knew, she was sobbing into the blanket wrapped in her hands. Everything came spilling out; the dream, the date, the death, the fear. Lindsey sat quietly (which in itself was abnormal) and patted Blair on her back as she kept trying to tell her friend about her horrible experience. In the end, Lindsey grabbed Blair a change of clothes, went to wake Phillip up, and they all went down to the car to take her home. Her friends helped her shuffle into the backseat of the car and Lindsey got into the passenger seat while Phillip took the wheel. "It'll be okay, Blair. Don't you worry. Things will work out." Lindsey said from the front of the car while Blair absently stared out the window with her head rested against the cold glass. Everything about Lindsey was odd today. She was composed and caring, verses her usual crazy party girl attitude. Was it because Blair had just witnessed murders and been attacked? Or... No. It couldn't be that she knew. They couldn't have known about any of this before-hand. How could they have? Blair closed her eyes against the tears once more before she opened them to find a wrong turn being taken. And then another. Where were they going? Obviously not back to her house, since she lived in the outskirts of the suburbs on a nice plot of land. No, this was in the opposite direction.
"Uh, where are we going?" Blair asked quietly, her voice soft over the top of the rough noise from the roads. "This isn't the way to my house..." She sat up a little straighter in her seat and peered out the front windshield curiously.
"It's alright. Someplace safe is where we're going." Phillip answered with a smile in the rear view mirror back to Blair.
"I just want to go home though. Can't you take me home?" She asked quietly, hugging herself a little tighter against the chill that was sweeping over her body.
"But if what Lindsey told me is true, then that's the first place those people will look. We're taking you somewhere they won't know about." Phil responded, and it made sense. But somehow it didn't feel right. Nothing about this felt normal. Blair supposed that was how one would feel after seeing two men murdered and being attacked by creepy dates. Nothing would seem normal anymore.
"I guess..." Blair sighed, wishing herself out of existence as she watched the streets turn more and more unfamiliar to her. Phil was driving really fast, too. Blair closed her eyes against the night and tried to let herself calm down. But something kept telling her this was all wrong. Something was pushing her to make a new move. "Can we pull over? I feel a bit car sick..." She asked, half truth half lie.
Phillip looked at Lindsey and Lindsey did the same before Blair heard the sickening sound of cold metal being pulled back against metal.
"No, we can't." Lindsey turned in her seat with a dark look on her face, pointing what looked like a very real gun in her direction.
"W-w-what are you doing, Lin?" Blair's eyes were wide open now, her body trying to shrink into the leather seats and disappear.
"I can't let you get away. We're so close. Do you think I would let immortality slip from my hands that easily?" She smiled, a sinister thing when used with a gun. "We're only doing this because we care, sweetie."
"What are you talking about?" She heard her voice croak as she asked, staring at the barrel of the gun with fear coursing through her veins. "Immortality isn't real. How is any of this because you care?" She asked through tears that streamed silently down her cheeks.
"Immortality is very real, if you know where to find it and are willing to pay the price to get it." Phillip chimed in from the driver's seat. They were now in a part of Seattle she knew nothing about. It was dark, there were no lights anywhere to be seen except behind where the city was, and the road threatened to stretch on for miles upon miles.
"Yes, and the price, we found, was easy to pay." Lindsey smiled again and Blair got goosebumps as she realized that she was somehow the price. "We had been trying to gain immortality for some time now, when we were approached by a man who told us all about who you are. And what you could do for them. It was easy to trade your life for everyone else's." Lindsey shrugged as if the whole ordeal was nothing at all to her. "At first we didn't believe him when he said you could see into the future, but little things began to add up when we watched you. You would know when a car would run a red light. Or not be surprised by my random visits to your house. After a while we saw you for what you were: a tool meant for greater purpose than how you lived." Lindsey sighed. "Although I will miss our movie nights." Blair heard Phillip chuckle quietly from the driver's side.
"How could you do this? And for something as petty as immortality you can't even verify is even real?!" Blair's voice rose slightly in pitch as she tried to gain control on her fear and her insecurity and the voices shouting in her head. Nothing was making sense. They were talking about some strange man who knew what she could do. A strange man that offered them eternal life for her life in return. A strange man who somehow knew what she could do. Deep down, Blair always knew someday someone would figure her out. Someone would find out what she could do and want to use it for their gain. But she wasn't ever ready for it to come from close friends. She wasn't ready for it to come at all, in fact. She sat quietly in the backseat while Lindsey talked with Phillip about their new lives, gun wavering in place slightly while she wasn't paying attention. Now was her chance. But the car was going too fast for her to get out and keep herself in tact to run away. She glanced at the speed, then the road and saw a turn coming they would have to slow down for.

As soon as they slowed for the turn, Blair unbuckled herself and opened her door, rolling out of the car and off the road, into the brush. A string of curses followed from the car as it loudly tried to brake against the wet road. Blair made herself move, even though everything hurt. Good thing Lindsey had given her a dark sweatshirt and jeans to change into. The slip on shoes didn't hurt either, although she would miss both her dress and her shoes even though she would likely have no reason to wear either of them again if she was going to live the way she assumed she would live if caught. Blair pushed herself forward into the wilderness, trying to find some cover to hide from her kidnappers until they gave up the search. Which was not likely. And Blair couldn't see anything in this kind of darkness, let alone run. Jumping out of the car had given her some precious seconds to use to get away, but in the unknown territory and pitch darkness, she had no other advantage other than to run as far away as possible as long as she possibly could. Her brain wasn't working the way it normally did. The flashes of future weren't coming to her at all in her frenzied state, giving her even less chance of survival than before. Blair stumbled and fell into the dirt, her body sore and tired. She pushed herself upwards as quickly as possibly and continued forward, the only thing she could think of at the moment. The voices weren't getting louder, so maybe they hadn't caught up with her as fast as she assumed they would have. Quickly, Blair found a place underneath the roots of some trees to hide where she could squeeze herself into a small hole they hopefully wouldn't see. And then complete silence and total darkness. Exhaustion took over and her body couldn't keep up. Bright lights filled her eyes before she sank into the abyss of sleep, fighting only briefly to stay awake before letting the need to sleep win.

Maybe she'd be lucky enough to evade them until morning and formulate a new plan. Maybe.

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Sasha Thompson McAndrews
It's almost like.... your heavens' trying everything to keep me out.
Suspected Werewolf.
Wanted by the FBI for Battery, Arson, Assault, Grand Theft Auto, Impersonation of an Offcier
FBI Agent Werewolf Pack Member
Wanted by the Vampire Brotherhood: Enemy Combatent Status

A quick thud to the back of the head. Something heavy, with rounded edges. Super strong or not. Brain trauma was Brain trauma. He would find latter that the billy club used to bash in the back of his head would never be straightened out again. Testament to the strength of both sides of the battle lines. While many things about the two warring faction were wrong on many aspects the ideas of strength is not something that the common man often gets right. This idea of vampires luring their desired victims in, total BS, most of the bloodsuckers just take what they want. It is more of an argument in their heads if they wanted a one night stand and a meal, or something that might last a week. Sasha was and exception because turning her outright, had a chance to overwrite the bond she had with the universe. Or so that was the theory. The same one that the Werewolves knew to follow as well. She wanted be turned.... which had.... their own consequences that Sasha still struggled to get out of his head. There would parts of his packs den he would never find himself in, entire hallways of sickening aspects of those more controlled with lust. A demon of sin that Sacha did not find himself under the spell off. Anger... wraith.... that demon was consuming of his soul leaving very spare remnants and bits for others of the darkness to feast upon.

It wasnt always that way. There was a time where his soul was still under the persuasion of other aspects of life. Loosing a friend on the field of battle, that you have known for the last 300 odd years or so had a tearing, gnashing effect on the soul of a person. It was on that grass meadow in the deep woods of the mountains that the hands that held an old tomahawk, and a crafted Damascus knife came to know a new master. Not of years of training, or in the countless times they had taken finger holds in the groves in time of conflict, but wraith. In an entire new definition then he had ever known. His soul tearing, the line between his pack severed mentally, a line in the sand drawn, and a new goal in life embraced. And wraith left its mark. ten dead vampires, and the scaring and marking of Draco himself. It was hate that dragged him back to the building the pack had then called home. The fires slowly calming to radiant embers of heat, bowling the blood in his veins, by the soft voice of Niome herself. A gentle water to heal the burning of Sasha's soul. She had been trying for ten years to diminish the fire, never getting it bellow a smoldering, smoking heat. Sasha had never fully recovered, and even she who could be considered a patron saint of his was out of options. If the fires in Sasha's heart could not consume the death of his enemies, then it had gone to work on his grasp on reality, or life. His gift of long life had suddenly become a prison, in the blink of an eye. And he had over the years offered more and more parts of himself to keep the fire going. Not knowing what would occur without the constant energy to warm his blood.....And now he was liking the feeling of his blood starting to move faster and faster. Friction in his body, warmth for his charred soul.

A voice came to grab him from the darkness. As he felt the heavy, inky, black pulling away from him. A voice of someone trying to find the right tone for his newfound thrown demanding respect. A voice of someone who was knew to the position of being in charge. Trying hard to find the right octave to take to sound strong and fearless. Uncertainty sputtering across every other couple of sentences. "Ah, look who finally decided to wake up?" The man, good I hope it's man.. shoved his blurry face into the still straining eyes of Sasha. Brain trauma still being repaired, it would appear he was hit hard enough to currently need some glasses, as he tried to tug on muscles he noticed lags and improper responses. From what he could feel he hadn't pissed himself thankfully.... "Remember me?"

Sasha smirked as the vision still was bearly enough to pick out the outline of a head on a pair of shoulders. "Van Gough? So that why you painted so weird." It took the blurry man a second to digest the situation.... A long second, Sasha wasnt even sure if he had registered the sarcasm or just decided to go with physical violence as the heavy blow landed across his face. He then felt weight on his restrained arms in the chair he was in as the man used Sasha's Biceps for support as he bent down to come face to face with Sasha again. In Sasha's mind the voice didn't belong to Draco, any other vampire was just scum to him. "You have to tell me hero. What was the plan? Walk in and steal the girl? What did you just need a nice piece of a** or do you even have a clue as to what is going on?"

Out of a dozen personalities that Sasha could play. Out of the many angles he could use. The cliche sarcastic, caught a*****e, routine was falling into the groves and leading this conversation as Sasha's vision began to filter back slowly. And the strained of muscle fiber in his arms and legs began to feel like they were running a bit more in line with how they should. "I needed a date, you're mother had a prior appointment." Another heavy blow and Sasha was laughing. "Alright, alright I deserved that one." Another chuckle. "Your mother IS to old for me. Your sister was to busy sucking off her coke dealer." A growl and another heavier blow to the other side of Sasha's head, who was pretty sure that one actually helped his vision. The brain was a weird thing... wait was he cross eyed the entire time? His vision began too come flooding back to him again as he looked back up at the beast of a man before him in the small cement walled room. Sasha could feel the manic smile over his mouth.

"You should know that we know who, and what you are. We also have the girl on route to a safe house. Whatever you were trying to do has failed. Furthermore, and this is my favorite par-"

"Look pal, don't ******** lecture me like Im in highschool, I've got things to do."

The man was set back slightly, but continued on. "Your pack has disowned your actions. You no longer have their protection." His eyes searched Sasha for a reaction, and in a couple of seconds his brow furled in frustration.

"If you are looking for a reaction from me, you're talking to the wrong person."

"You, you may not remember me but I remember you. I remember you and that grass meadow. You have always played the part of a hero, but let me fill you in no a little secret." Great a practiced speech I wonder how many times the mirror has had to bear this.... "during the day I teach at the local college. English, European Literature, and you fall into the part of a hero. A tragic hero, It does not end well for you mutt. I'm going to tear your a part piece by piece, and watch the video every single night before bed. "

"Woooo buddy, I make it a habit to dress modestly, I don't wanna know about you touching yourself to me." That did it, the practice monologue was over. Rage set into the man's face twisting the muscles as he grabbed for the large knife on the silver, metal, operating cart right beside the chair that Sasha was lashed to. In the motion Sasha could see behind the man and the plain door on the other side of the small room. Before it a small red recording light of a camera on a tripod. The faintness of the red glowing light softly outlining the old camera. Sasha had a feeling this small room with a drain in the center of the banked floor was not a new area for the man before him.

" The man had snapped as he swung the knife, his face transformed into chaos. This was not the controlled action of wraith, this was chaos. This was insanity completely grabbing this man and twisting it to desires of a black soul, finally released from the prison of the human mind. The man slashed at the air, his yelling filling the small room, he messed with the tripod angle, one last adjustment to catch the angle of his dissection of the werewolf. The yelling finally giving way to the small chuckles filtering through the heavy breathing. He turned swinging the knife with him wildly, as if his arm was simply attached via a jiggle bone joint of an animation software. His face completely white as he came face to face with the empty chair. As if somewhere in his mind the sanity he had discarded long ago made him double check his chaotic mind. Had he been monolinging to an empty chair the entire time?

While in the past this small room might have been where the man had practiced for this very moment, this was not the case. The cuffs were a good solid restraint for the biceps of a human being. And Sasha sucked at picking locks. There was no double joint trick either. Sasha had other tricks. Tricks that involved a more deliberate control of his powers of transformation. And while the cuffs were perfect for restraining him at the HUMAN biceps, a leg of even a large wolf found it to be lacking in restraint. The large man turned with horror peeriing through his face as Sasha stood behind him. A large cleaver in his hand, burrowed from the medical table. The man dropped the knife and sent it scattering across the concrete floor.

"You got some points wrong a*****e." Sasha slashed opening a gabbing wound across the man's chest, he grasped at it, blood filling his hands. "Im not a damn hero." Sasha grabbed the man's hair and pulled him back to his feet. "Im the Big Bad Wolf." Another slash across the man's chest, nothing that would kill him. But the matching scar to his boss Draco's would be a nice calling card. Sasha dropped the large cleaver as the man scurried to the corner. His manic insanity mixing with the pain, his mumblings speaking to a pornographic past of his childhood, and his father. Explaining the sickness of the camera in the room. Sasha helped himself to the leather jacket hung on the door, before turning to the broken man in the corner of the room. "You know, I think I will remember you next time." The man squeaked and squirmed at the idea. Sasha felt the embers begin to die down again, and some nature within him even feeling disgusted by the world and occupants of the world that lives during the night, outside of the radar of the normal person in society. The sickness that comes with a long life, with power, with indoctrinated ideology.

Sasha found his way to the elevator. Again borrowing from the pockets of the jacket for the key card that would allow him to call the elevator from the higher floors. His mind tried to map out his next moves, but coming up with question marks. A ding and he boarded the ornately decorated elevator, His level B4, he punched it for the main lobby. HIs escape route ether in place as planned, or certain death, it was a long ride up with that weighing on his mind. A bing, and the door slide open...

Where the lounge area of the lower hotel dining room was, a couple of hours ago, golden cascading lights, and sparkling diamonds, of beiges and off whites, contrasted by dark colored suites of the men attending the woman who glowed of treasure the elevator opened to a different sight for Sasha. His quick cellphone conversation he had made before going into the building had paid off. The room was now full of loud conversation, boisterous laughter, and sparkling knee high, or higher part dresses. Elegent modesty of a past age had been chased out by curves and cleavage, and at it’s heart a blonde European Rock star, the new heart throb of Hollywood.

He emitted a… sparkling? Charisma. It was not the aura that commanded loyalty from the hard working men, not the inner spirit that rallied armies of a past age, but a centering mark. A target on the man who owned the room, because of the people who followed him. His leadership as forced and crafted as the trimmed and kept blonde beard that wrapped his lower jaw, and curved over his thin, sharp lips. A walking stereotype of fashion and speech pattern. He was a man who could get anything he wanted…. For now. Freedom for only a glimpse of time before he would be dethroned by the very people who supported him. 

Even now as Sasha walked confidently out of the elevator, the doors slowly closing behind him and heading to another location, Sasha could focus his hearing in on the man assuring the doorman who the mob had blown past that he had heard this place was the best location to eat, and he was celebrating some release of something… Sasha’s stopped listening. He knew the reason the man had shown up.

He grinned at one of the men standing in the corner of the room, across from him. He felt the fire ignite from behind his eyes as Sasha began to strut towards the front door. To many humans this time. To many camera’s not in their control. Sasha was an underdressed wonderer in a see of glam and he was protected by the glitter covered, oblivious crowd. He had won. And now it was time to pay up. 

Sasha realized he hadn’t really taken a deep breathe since he had left the elevator, or perhaps it was since he left the sight in the basement. But the night air, openly embraced him, his eyes instinctually glanced to the large ¾ moon hanging in the night sky. The jaded and hard, turned flickered back to an earlier time of life as they searched for an instant desperately attempting to find a fleck of light representing a far distance burning sun, a star, but remained disappointed at the light pollution blocking his search. The search lasted only a fraction of a second.

A busy mind tried to formulate a time, and a plan to find the target. Her perfume scent was long blown away from the sidewalk, and he didn’t have much to go on. A sinking feeling began to hit him, as his mind began to remind him that the game was getting late, and the score was not in his favor, a hated thought of losing filled his mind, accompanied by the sad eyes who watched as he took one to the back of the head. 

Black limo, crystal black glass. No one could see in, but Sasha could feel the eyes peering out. He knew this was for him. Despite being parked against the side walk and looking otherwise abandoned to thought. No attendant, no tags, but the well tuned engine turned smoothly under the hood.

Sasha could have just kept walking to find his car. Could have just kept going, but the eyes behind that glass were one of the few in the world that Sasha had a healthy respect for. That EVERYONE in the grimdark had a healthy respect for, if not down right fear for. The eyes of a strict businessman, a collector, a planner, a diplomat, and a leader of a mixed bag group of highly efficient killers. A small army, but bigger then any of the other groups that called the city home, and much more deadly, connected on an international level, and the original owners of the town the multitudes had come to call their turf. They were renters in an apartment complex, their turf rented from the same man. And now that man had come to collect payment, in person, from Sasha.

His hair stood up as he mentally checked himself before walking up to and inserting himself into the long vehicle

The interior was leather. Dark colors, and the overhead lights were dim. It took only a second for Sasha’s eyes to kick over into a more ‘dusk vision’ style of perception. What met him was a beast of a man. Defined muscles of an Olympian muscle builder. A crisp styled suit in stark white, with silver accents. A rock hard face, with sharp defined, almost sculpted masculine features, and over his wide bridged nose, peered two crimson red pupil’s completely focused on Sasha.

His voice physically vibrated the vehicle’s frame, as Sasha tried to make himself comfortable, without giving away that he would have preferred there to be more distance between him and the beast of man. “So good of you to join me-“

Sasha tossed a paper airplane to him across the inside of the vehicle, a hand drawn map, from memory. Long life in the America’s he knew of plenty of archealogical sights which contained not only knowledge and fame to those who sought it out, but at times, and in rare cases, gold and treasure as well. Inca, Mayan, Spanish, and other secret stashes from past inhabitants lay spotted throughout the land, and luckily a lot of good spots were in the West and Southern edges of the country. 

The large man raised an eyebrow as he eyed the detailed topographical map, he was unfolding before him. The longitude and latitude zeroeing in on a location in Utah. His eyes peered curiously to Sasha demanding more of an explanation to what he held in his large hands. Sasha delivered, as nonverbally ordered. “Small stash, US gold bars from a wellsfargo delivery circa 1872, stamped and pure.”

The man across from him seemed to be at a loss.

“You are giving me the location of gold, for a pickup? Why do I get this unnerving feeling in my gut that this request from you is not at it’s termination?

“Yeah, that’s right. I need some information from your network, I need information on a Blair, seems to possibl-“

It was Sasha’s turn to be interrupted.

Not seems to be, confirmed. The girl is, or has some control of psychic abilities.” The man refolded and tossed the map back to Sasha, sending his brows into a state of confusion. “I’m not interested in this deal, we can strike this one up to a tab back at the hotel.” Sasha’s mind went to the lavish downtown skyrise hotel. Two basements for the Grimdark, and four top floors dedicated to the guest of the man who owned the town.

Goliath, one of the last of his kind in the America’s, and an immigrant from Germany, a gargoyle, a man of stone. 

Sasha tried to turn the tables back in his favor. “I don’t plan on being in town that much longer to accept the tab, I insist we strike some kind of bargain.” 

“Ah yes, we know all about your plan on running after this job. Leaving this town, heading out of the game. Seeking a new life without a world view full of memories. Although I have to wonder how long it will take for you to come back to this life, because I seem to recall, this occurring around 5 years ago, and all it took was a single phone call to drag you back, what was her name…? Ah yes Miss Niome, pardon me it is Mrs. now isn’t it?” 

He pricked a wound in Sasha. He knew he had, and Sasha knew he had. “How is that working for you Sasha? You do the calls that the other’s cant and in turn you get what? The money? The power? …. The girl?” Goliath sat and waited as Sasha wrestled with himself, trying to get the question he had asked to many times to himself out of his head. “Or is it you don’t even know what to ask for? Surely they would be willing to reward you for the years of hard work, what is it you ask for?” 

Goddamnit…. He hit it. He took a sledgehammer and took another blow at the wedge slowly being driven into Sasha’s mind and perception of self recently. Sasha winced, his eyes fired up small flickers of anger. It was not anger at anyone, it was anger that he had let himself be read that easily. Allowed himself to fold so early in the card game. 

Well, then here is my rebuttle to you. Right now the mansion you call home is under attack by a police force consisting of all Vampire supporters, their orders are to round you all up. They are not to kill.” He stopped, reaching an outreached hand supporting a remote to a moniter between them showing in realtime the glowing green of night vision camera, taking in the action from a treeline, unnoticed by both forces in the fighting. “They succeeded, and I have strong reasons to believe that you have just gotten your wish and are now officially acting on your own. I highly doubt the pack would admitting to a raid of Vampire territory.”

Sasha knew it as well, as the green fires outside of the shattered walls flickered on in the paleish green world of nightvision. That was part of his brief. No one knew where he went, or what he was doing but those directly involved, those more then willing to keep their mouths shut on the subject, and some eager to pass blame on to his shoulder’s with or without the gun barrel pointed to them.

“This would mean you no longer have any obligation to find the girl. Her fate is sealed, likely she is already on her way back to this location, under the hands of Dracul. And yet, I can more then see you are more then willing to pursue this, for whatever reason that might be. Loyalty orrrrrr…. The like… So it is time for my offer, and I hope you consider this wisely. 

Freedom. You bring me the girl and spare her the fate from both clans and I take her into my fold. She will remain safe, and in time I will relocate her and keep her under my watchful eyes. You then get to go on your way. New identity, a wealthy contribution, and a ticket to anywhere in the entire world. If you wish I would be more then willing to keep you employed"


Sasha let the surprising turn of events sink in. The old man was playing him. Was playing him in a way he didn’t care for. It was to good to be true. It was to much in his favor. And this man did not do favor’s for anyone in the city. He could pay in the end. He had many more maps and secrets. The woman, Blair, however likely had little more then her own self as payment. Which may have lead to a fate worse then that of what she would experience within the halls of either a Wolf Den Mansion or a Vampire High rise. He said it… but it came out at the same time of his thought process something that had not happened in a long time.

“I stay with the girl.”

Immediately Goliath’s face melted into a frustrated frown. “Why?” His voice was a challenging rumble. 

Sasha has no answer and decided to sit in his grave. He locked eyes and entered a staredown with who many would consider to be the most powerful of any group in the city. It lasted a meer 60 seconds, but felt like months to both men in the vehicle. Both had played a hand few others had seen outside of the limo. Both sitting outside of their work nearby. Sasha and a trail of arrogant defiance, and Goliath, and his action of sending on of his human clients from the hotel to a local spotlight for cover. Both men interfereing with a well oiled machine. Both men pissing off people above in the order. It was a night of firsts for a great deal of people as the hierarchy of the Vampires considered taking them both out. Turning the street with explosions and war. Completely removing the barrier between the realm of the grimdark and the world that human’s knew as home.

A pack leader made a choice to disown a member. 

A neutral party, decided to play. 

A Lonewolf decided he wanted company.

A vampire admitted his plan had failed, as news trickled in that Blair had dived out of the vehicle. That she had alluded his far reaching grasp one more time. This time under her own power, it would seem. He barked for the two humans reporting to find her, or do not return, for death would await them, and only death.

Sasha’s eyes found an open confirmation of the time. The small numbers in the right hand of the ongoing moniter of the compound he called home. 0200. Sunrise in four hours. He had been out longer then he had thought. “Without me you have four hours to find this girl and bring her into your care. Four hours, and if you don’t, I have money that says the vampire’s human backing will put them in their hands. You need me. You need my nose.” It was a lie, Sasha only had a small idea of where to find the girl from her file. The recon work on this job had been top notch, and he had the small idea of an area to search. The perfume she had been wearing would help from there. He would just need to stay downwind of the radius and hopefully pick something up. He was throwing his bets. Goliath had no werewolves under his group. 

Goliath pondered, but never broke eye contact. “This discussion isn’t over. Find the girl.”

The low rumble of the big block Boss resonded knowly in the background as Sasha pulled it off to the side of the state road. He walked out smelling the air, mentally seperating the smells of the engine and car and tried t focus ono the faintest trace of Perfume, the wind picked up lightly blowing the leaves, the first traces of dawn seeping through the leaves of the trees. He was as his noise could take him, but still..... the trail was weak from the length of time.

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