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Vice Captain

Lonely Nerd

PostPosted: Mon Nov 12, 2012 10:39 pm
KD-Red:LogEnt.1: 11.12.20:12.12:14

*tap tap*

"Is this thing on? Working, at least? Hello?"

*kerzizzz... ksh!*

"Alright, I see it now..."

*the hooded figure sits in the Captain's chair across from the console and holorecorder*

"Well, this is Captain Kay Donn of the Dynamic Class Light Freighter Redemption, but I use the term Captain lightly... Let's see, Redemption has a pretty standard layout for a Dynamic Class, but it's quite a bit older than most... The exterior's somewhere between sand and rust colored at the moment, and frankly it's a miracle this thing's in one piece... I've rebuilt the thing chassis up since I was a kid, and it works about half the time... gets me where I need to go... mostly. The Hyperdrive's a bit tempermental, Class uh..."

*Kay taps a few keys on the console*

"...somewhere between 6.3 and 7.0... So, a bit faster than your average sandcrawler."

*he slumps back into his seat*

"Everything still needs work for the most part, 'cept the Navi-computer, got a new one from an Ithorian practically free when he upgraded. It's a bit out of date but it's practically unused. I've got one turret, although as long as I've had the thing, it's never worked, so I've gotta rely on two low-impact forward mounted cannons, not much use in a fight... but I digress. I figured it hasn't given me any problems I couldn't handle and set off today on a new run..."

* * *

"So, I set out this morning on my way to the public hangar when I decided to stop by the cantina... It's only a few minutes away from my little house, so I figured it wouldn't be any trouble... Well, I wound up wasting a few hours inside until I heard a scuffle outside. Once outside, I heard a Wookiee's roar... I couldn't make out any intelligible words, so I assume it was a roar, anyway. Guy had busted outta his shackles and was knocking a couple of slavers around. He had taken care of most of 'em, but one had backed up and got to his rifle, so I took him out..."

"If there's one thing I can't stand more than sith, it's slavers... Sith these days will tell you outright that they're evil and love it, but a slaver will try to convince you it's just business, try to justify it..."

*Kay shakes his head solemnly*

"Anyway, I've picked up a thousand pound asthmatic hitchhiker who's hoping for a ride to a little planet on the Outer Rim, so it looks like that's my first stop... Had to take one of my seats outta the cokpit to even-"


"Yeah, I think they got it... Okay, with this run, it looks like I should wind up with about 3000 pounds of supplies at the end of the day..."

* * *

Notes: Should look at the anti-grav generator tomorrow, probably needs realigning... Take off was a little shakey... Also, see if you can look into finding someone to paint this hunk of junk...  
PostPosted: Mon Nov 12, 2012 10:40 pm
KD-Red:LogEnt.2: 11.12.20:12.9:46

"This is Kay Donn of the freighter Redemption, checking in... I've been flying for, uh... almost a day now. I did find out what was wrong with the anti-grav. It looks like I had the repulsor manifold sitting wrong... I took it out and reset it while I was out in space so I didn't chance cracking it on reentry... Next up it looks like I should probably see if I can tune a bit more power out of the hyperdrive... We're still pretty sluggish, even for an old civilian freighter... After that I'll probably have to-"

*Kerzzzzzzzzzap-POP krrzzzz*

"Oh, crap-"

* * *

"Had a little, uh... malfunction in a secondary console up here a few hours ago... Set the ship to drift and spent a few hours repairing it, running a diagnosis on all the conjoining systems, and making improvements where I could. I had the main console playing the HoloNet News Network, so now I've got a new heading... On of those MidRim Bothan clan worlds is in the middle of a severe planet wide drought, and although they've promised a 'swift and prompt response' we all know no one on the Bothan Council is going to make a move until they feel it will benefit their political career... Meanwhile, an entire colony of decent people starve... Safe to say, this isn't an approved, or even legal run, but I'm willing to offload some supplies to help out... If you find this log, and no Kay, come rescue me from whatever secret Bothan gulag they've dumped me in..."

*there is a brief pause*

"That's only mostly a joke. Signing out."

* * *

*the log this time reveals a familiar white helmet, that of an Imperial Stormtrooper, speaking into his helmet*

"Second sweep, it still looks like there's no one on board... but still nothing to suggest that the ship's evasive maneuvers were automated... Possible Bothan crew using cloaking devices... Yes sir, it was coming out of Bothan Space, after the clients reported illegal entry... Yes sir, we're already confiscating large amounts of contraband... Yes sir, on my way back."

*The Stormtrooper turns to head for the corridor but suddenly a cloaked figure appears, driving a knee into the man's stomach. As the trooper doubled over, the figure violently drove the man's head down into the console, slamming with a loud crunch and leaving him unconscious. After a moment, the figure has lifted the trooper onto his shoulder and turns to head for the corridor, but, after a brief hesitation, turns to the console and taps a key*

* * *

"Kay Donn again. Looks like I got reported on my last run. I was boarded by an Imperial customs ship... More like a raiding party if you ask me... I hid in one of my smuggler's hatches in the crew quarters... Managed to catch one of the troopers off guard on their second incursion, but I think that might have wound up on my log... Should probably delete that... Anyway, I carried him to the ramp and dumped him right on top of his buddies. In the scramble, I pushed them all down the ramp, overrode the lock and took off... I doubt they were expecting to have to deal with a Jedi... I'm going to do another Outer Rim run to lay low now... I should look into getting some better defenses for the ship... All I've got is emergency breach shielding, can't even activate it manually... So, with my little humanitarian mission, this last raid, and my next run, it actually looks like I'll be about twelve thousand pounds light... Here's hoping I can make it up tomorrow..."

* * *

Notes: Hyperdrive upgrades, look into modifying internal shield grid, investigate weird power readings from the medbay...  

Vice Captain

Lonely Nerd


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