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Do you want to make a long list of allies and friends to help you search for
your kidnapped tank? Then I suggest poking your head into Introduce
Yourself as quickly as you can. Want to let the Sith know how angry you
are for kidnapping your tank? Um, well, I suggest you don't do that.
Nope. You read the sign on the door, right? Evil Sith temple. Yeah. Don't
expect too much sympathy for your troubles here. However, the Sith don't
pay too much attention to what's being said in the Chatterbox. Feel free to
express yourself in any way you see fit in there. We've also taken some of
the most memorable surveillance footage and put it in The Comics for your
viewing pleasure. There's quite a few embarrassing moments from my own
personal history in there, and I'll be paying close attention to all of you who
decide to have a good laugh at my expense. However, feel free to kick your
feet back and have a good chuckle at the Jedi and all the other poor saps!
Now, about your tank....Well, you see, we've got lots of those tanks in the
temple. Yours might have gotten lost deep in here with the rest of them.
Of course, if you're just now getting here, maybe your tank is somewhere
toward the back. Anyway, follow me and we'll have a look. Mind the puddles!