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Well, we finally made it to the tomb door! Unfortunately, the thing is sealed with an ancient Sith spell! Fortunately, while Kay Donn was meandering through the catacombs, he deciphered some of the texts and found out that if one of us can use the Force to project the numbers 3, 7, and 72 into the center of the Sith symbol, it will unlock! Now I realize this is a difficult time-consuming task, so I don't expect any one person to try to go it alone! Each of us will give it three tries per day. The first person to get all three numbers not only opens the door, but also gets this User Image fabulous prize!

Random generate a number from 1 to 100 three times each day.
The new day begins at midnight Gaia time.
When you generate one of the three numbers, it's locked in place! You don't have to generate all three of the numbers on the same day or in order!
The first person to generate all three numbers, wins!
Do not delete any posts or you may be disqualified.