I have been receiving messages from users wondering why certain tanks are in certain parts of the threads. I thought it would be best if I explain how this whole thing got started and what you should expect from the guild as far as tank placement.
I began promoting Darth Daddicus's tank when my wife bought me some Enkis. She wanted to try out the Alchemy in Gaia when it first came out. I love my wife very much, so I decided that I would earn some more Gaia Cash and fill up all of my tanks with Enkis eventually. I also have an affinity for any fish that drop items, so I threw in a few Grunny Subs. When it was evident that I was not going to be able to afford to fill my 6 main account's tanks with Enkis, I switched the last two over to Piranha. They also drop items, so it worked out. Then I began trying to promote my tanks in Booty Grab guilds and threads. The guilds and threads had no place for item droppers at all. Well, that was my thing. I liked item droppers. Heck, even a Hermit Cat from a Jellyfish was cool to me. It was like winning a little contest or something. So, there I was, placing my tanks in several guilds sometimes in the mermaid section because of the Enkis and sometimes in the mixed section because of the Piranhas. I didn't want all of my accounts to be split up like that, though. They get lonely. So, I started making a thread of my own.
The original name of the thread was: Darth Daddicus's Evil Sith Booty Grab: Item Droppers. I had some experience coding tanks because I have six accounts and coded the links for the guilds I joined, and I recognized that while I was on one account, I could just code another account without having to log out of the first one. Inspiration struck! I started going through my bump threads looking for tanks from users who had bumped my glows in the past, and I began coding their tanks if they too had item droppers. I got up to 16 pages when one of my friends accidentally posted in the thread I was making and then quit Gaia, essentially opening up the thread for all.
Then came the Awesome's Analyzer scare! Remember when King Awesomeolocity was protesting PIPA and SOPA and then his home was hit with a power outage and we were all worried about if he was okay and when we might be able to get our Glow Timers back? Scary! So, I hunted down Absol's Analyzer and recoded all of my tanks in the thread. By the time I was through, Awesome was back. However, I learned how to use Absol's timer so that it wouldn't show the blue tank lid by that time. I kept the code.
A few months go by and this kid adds me to his friends list and starts a Booty Grab guild. That's this one. It's not mine originally. He starts a new account and tells me how he got hacked. I tried messaging his old account telling whoever the hacker was to give the kid his account back, but to no avail.
A couple of months go by and my friend, Spifficated, with whom I played hours and hours of zOMG! with, starts talking to me about Booty Grab and how she was thinking of getting involved in a guild. I came back to this guild, which the kid who got hacked made me the vice-captain of, and attempted to change ownership of the guild over to me. Well, it worked. Then I told Spiff how I had a guild and if she wanted to help out, I would really appreciate it. By this time, Awesome's web server told him they'd have to drop him because he was too popular and causing an overload on their servers, so we lost his Glow Timer once again.
I started the guild threads out simply copying and pasting over from my original thread. I made two threads so that if either Absol Ruler of Chaos or King Awesomeolocity had issues with their Glow Timers, I could switch over to the other one and never miss a tank. Hopefully you've noticed by now that the tanks are on the same pages in both threads.
So, I open. Heliko pylori goes crazy mad bringing me new tanks every week, and I randomly find more tanks to add, and we end up with over 450 active tanks altogether. Crazy! I have now coded about 699 tanks to date!

Yeah, just wanted to make that part clear. I don't ask for codes from users. I make them. That was unusual, so I thought it would be apropos for an evil Sith like Darth Daddicus to proclaim that he in fact kidnapped the tanks.
That's how it all started. Now, if you're only interested in how I place tanks in the threads, here is the TL;DR version:

Monday, I go through the Absol thread checking for tanks that say No Fish Want To Glow In Here or This Tank Has No Fish, and I write the page number and username down on a piece of paper on my desk. The rest of the week I go through the thread checking to see if any of the names have changed to My Tank Is Not Glowing Yet or is, in fact, glowing. If that is the case, I scratch off their name.
Next Monday, I go through one last time and any of the tanks which have not been active for that week get moved to the Recovery Room for safe keeping. I then move all of the tanks forward into the empty spots so that each page has 15 tanks total. I keep my signature out of the threads so it doesn't interfere with the 15 anti-aggregate rule. I don't randomly move the tanks forward. They all get moved in the exact order they were in to begin with minus the missing tanks. I then go to the Recovery Room and check to see if any of them are active. If so, I place them in the empty slots in the back of the threads. Then, I add the new tanks that have been given to me by users or that I have found myself.
This is why you will find a mixture of tanks instead of all Airshark tanks in the front and all Jellyfish tanks in the back. If I did it according to quality of fish in the tank, RyogaRob would have been kicked off of the second page when he decided he needed to take a break for a while. He's still active throughout the week, and I've seen how much he bumps all of the tanks regardless of what kind of fish are in them, so I won't do that to him or anybody else in my threads. I may frustrate you by keeping what is considered "low quality" tanks in the front of the threads, but it is a system which rewards Gaian participation. There are plenty of people who try to get rich with an Airshark tank and end up quitting Gaia and leaving us wondering when they're coming back to fill it up. This system rewards users for being active on the site. Not in my guild. Not in Booty Grab, but in Gaia. I love Gaia. I also, obviously, love Star Wars. I do not love Booty Grab or zOMG! or anything else. I only love the people of Gaia and the ones who are active every week. This guild is for them. If you want to get rich quick, I've made six threads that you can go to where people are only allowed to post certain tanks.(Deleted now) The thread, however, is for me to play. If you want to play the thread too, that's awesome.