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Welcome to Darth Daddicus' Evil Sith Booty Grab!
You're here for one of several reasons. Hopefully, you're a bill collector,
because Darth Scabrous is getting mighty hungry right about now. Of
course, feeding him bill collectors is probably not the best way to curb
his appetite. Their little brains aren't enough for him. Of course, you
could be here because you got some kind of notification that maybe
perhaps the Sith have stolen your tank. Well, there's nothing you
can do about that now. The deed is done. Once a tank gets in here,
there's no getting it back out. There are several aquariums in here, and
one of them probably belongs to you, so we'll have a look in just a moment.
Wait! Maybe you're here because you heard about our Sith training academy!
Oh, it's just awesome, let me tell you! You'll learn everything from lightsaber
handling to piloting your very own starship! Of course, you could very well
be a Jedi spy here to undermine Darth Daddicus and his ruthless plans
to conquer the galaxy. Meh. It's whatevs. We have a few like you in here
already. They have jobs, too. Gotta keep 'em occupied somehow. Anyway,
let's go down the hall and see if we can find something for you.