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The Jedi, Jailee Kel Son vigilantly watches over several dead or dying tanks, waiting to see if they're ever going to come back to life. Of course, some folks actually let Jailee know when they're going to be away for a bit. This door leads to her office. If you find your tank in here, and it's still quite lively, let Jailee know so she can move it back to the main tank displays in the temple. Boba Pet is keeping himself from being too idle in the temple by offering a free and totally awesome service in Stalker's Paradise! All you have to do is go in there and let him know which tanks are your favorites to grab, and he'll have them all ready for you in your own personal room in the temple! The bossman seems to always be having problems collecting gold to keep his temple running smoothly, what with all of the free stuff the professors keep giving away and all. He's also not the best at managing his finances. So, he decided to add a little room dedicated to the begging and pleading of gold. If you decide to fall for his evil puppy-dog eyes, head on in here and give the gold or other items of value to his dog, Darth Scoobadoobacus. Of course, you could also just shake some extra gold out of the fish in the tanks in this room. After all, all of the proceeds from these tanks get put back into the guild for prizes, or back into the tanks themselves to make sure there are always high yield fish to grab from. Feel like taking a break from the tour yet? Head on this way and I'll point you in the right direction of the employee and visitor lounge area.