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Okay, so here's the thing: The Sith have definitely kidnapped your tank,
so your tank can be found behind this door. However, the Jedi are in a
constant struggle with the Sith, and they are always trying to protect your
tank from the evil ways of the Sith. So, the Jedi have your tank as well.
I know, confusing, right? Not really, though. The middle door is the place
where you can view each side struggling for possession of your tank. You
can go in there too and try to earn yourself more fish for your tank once the
two sides have shaken the poor things for all the gold they're worth. Just pick
a door to enter, locate your tank and the tanks of others, and be sure to take
notes of whether you've kidnapped or protected somebody's tank. Easy
enough, huh? Well, that's it for the grand tour. Of course, there are many
other nooks and crannies to locate here in the temple, but I just wanted to
give you a good look at the main parts of this place. Something is constantly
changing or being added to the temple, so you've got to keep your eyes
open for new doors, random events, parties, and ....Well, well, well! What
have we here? I've never seen this part of the temple before.......