To be a walk-in, co-star, or star of one of these ridiculous comics, you must go to the AVATAR BUILDER (if it's working at the time) and check the box which says "Allow ghosting."
Here are a few helpful hints which will make it easier to use your avatar in one of the comics:

Go to your profile and look in the address bar for something like this: That last set of numbers is what I use when I dress up your character in the Avatar Builder. It's my user number. Some of you folks do not have public profiles, so I am going to need that number. Please post it in here.

Take into consideration some of the aspects of your avatar and how difficult it is going to be to fit that into a comic. For example, when I ghost Felinophile for her parts in my show, I have to remove some of her cats, which is not that big of a deal, but some of you have important aspects to your outfits which I will not be able to mimic. Going back to Felinophile, I have to change her cigarette because the one she's smoking now is not compatible with my copy/paste method.

If your avatar has a "base set" like mine, let me know what items are included in that set. By "base set", I mean the items you wear regardless of any other clothes. For example, Darth Daddicus will always have Red Body Dye, Black Tribal Left Arm Tattoo, Black Tribal Right Arm Tattoo, Black Tribal Head Tattoo, Triple Demon Horns, and the Silver Promise Ring. Well, for younger versions of my avatar, the tattoos and ring are missing, of course. Anyway, Darth Daddicus can wear any other clothes and everybody would still be able to tell it's him because of his "base set". So if you have one of those, let me know.

White, and I mean pure white, is an enemy of mine and my comics. I have to edit the crap out of Axton and the middle of my lightsabers to turn each pixel into an off/white color just so I can paste the picture and not have random pixel burps throughout the scene. I have gone through some of my comics and noticed that I've left some gaps unfilled in the past and it irks me. I just recently redressed The Cleaning Lady because her old outfit was a real hassle with all the white spots in it. So, if you're wearing white, and a lot of it, while I'm making a comic and need an extra, that's the reason I didn't pick you that time.

You must understand that bad things may happen to your avatar. I have destroyed many of you in the past and Felinophile herself has gone through more than her share of those nine lives cats are supposed to have. I did this assuming she wouldn't mind, but some of you may mind. Posting in this thread is your way of giving me permission to fold, spindle, and mutilate your avatar if it fits the current comic I'm making.

Post in this thread if you're interested in being in these silly things, and I'll do my best to include your avatar in my comics.