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Lillypad's thoughts Random stuff and writing put together.

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Ian's vampire fight: by Lillypad22

There I sat on my bed contemplating what to do. Angirly, I slammed the beer bottle across the room. It it broke into dozens of pieces. Right then and there, if I have ever had the urge to kill something I did then. I couldn't believe I had spent a year and a half treating myself, trying to cure myself of the ugliest thing imaginible, vampire. I had always hated myself for being one, even as a small child. So when I heard the news of a cure that I spent so much time being in pain for I was overjoyed. So I drank the antidote only to find my hair pitch black as it used to be, I was convencied I was cured. But Edmund wasn't agreeing with me. Out of the only few fights we have ever had this was one of them. "Ian. . . " he beckond to me. "What?" I giddly said. I felt almost drunk I was so happy. "Ian, it . . . didn't work." he said with looking depressed. "What are you talking about, my hair is black. I'm not hungry anymore." I looked at him like he was insane. "For now. Listen I did some more research. I found that your DNA is a lot different than others. Since you were a vampire at birth, your vampirism is stronger than most vampires. Ian . . . I am so sorry but your still a vampire." "Your wrong! Your lying!" "Ian listen! You have to believe me!" Then I stormed out.

Then my hunger, returned and something else returned my . . . . fangs. My eyes were swollen from crying. I heard a small purr from outside my door. I told Rufus to give me some space. "Rufus I told you to go away!" I screamed at the door. "Sorry Ian, I heard a crash." he said. "Nothing happened, now go and eat a fish or something."

I heard a knock at my door. I wiped my eyes and answered it. "Ian." It was edmund. "Listen, are you okay?" He asked symathetic. "I don't need your sympathy. If thats all you came for then you need to leave. Now." I said trying to shove him out of the door. "No that's not way, Ian I'm sorry but . . . When are you starting work?" he asked. Truthfully I hadn't the slightest idea. "I don't know." I shrugged drunkenly. He gave me a strange look. "Ian." he looked at me with disbelief. "Your drunk." He stated. "Maybe! I'm an adult." I stated bluntly. "Why don't you come and stay with me just for a couple of days?" he said looking worried. He sat me on the couch so I wouldn't fall over. "Rufus too?" I asked staring back at the cat who was obviosly listening. "Sure." he said back. I stared at my father figure realizing, my life was spinning out of control and for the first time, I might actually get control this time.

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