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chapter 1a

Kikko Mangetsu
Community Member
chapter 1a of christmas story
Long ago there was a man whose heart was like no others…

It was a heart that was pure and had no evil. He had many gifts, and he used those gifts to help the people who TRULY needed it. But, the man met a girl whose heart was almost as pure as him. So, he made a family and had a daughter and two sons. Each of which had to prove their hearts were pure, and the purest of them must fulfill their father’s duty to help others. The daughter was the most pure because she had the heart of her father, but the sons had their mother’s heart that, even though it was more pure than most hearts, the part that wasn’t pure was cursed with jealousy.

They knew their sister was going to be next to follow their father, so they brought her to the forest of thieves and told their father she was eaten by wolves. Luckily, she had the memento her father gave her. Which, she has passed down to her children, and they have done the same. So somewhere in this forest there is the son or daughter of Santa.

(Shu): Really mama! Where are they? I want to meet them!
Mother: maybe you will when you grow up.

(That winter her mother died in a fight between the royals and the thieves of the forest and Shu grew up without a family and that made her cold to everyone except the other thieves)

Then on Shu’s 16th birthday a mysterious person showed up in a dark blood red cape with a mask. Shu had a bad feeling about that person so she tried to hide in the old shack.

*The mysterious person followed her there.*

MP: Hello?! Are you here?... Shu!!
*Shu yelled from behind the barrel*
Shu: How do you know my name?! Just…Who are you?
MP: I knew your mom, Sumiko Codrelia, very well.
*as Shu comes slowly from behind the barrel*
Shu: You…knew my mother…how?
MP: We were on the same team together. We were very close.
Shu: She never told me about you or any “team”
MP: I’m not surprised. She always said she would keep it a secret until you turned 16.
Shu: Wha… why!?
MP: She only wanted to protect you.
MP: I cant tell you that yet… I’m sorry Shu I-
MP: Fine, I know you’re upset but you have to listen to me
Shu: And if I refuse?
*The MP pins her to the wall of the shack*
MP: Then I’ll FORCE you!
*Shu tries to escape, but she fails*
Shu: Fine I’ll listen!

*MP comes out from under the blood red cape to reveal that the mysterious person is actually a girl with red hair with a lighting shape in her hair holding the bow Shu’s mother used to wear*

Shu: *look down with shock and nostalgia*That’s…mothers.
MP: No… it’s yours
Shu: What do you mean, “mine”
MP: Did your mother ever tell you a story about Santa? Shu: Wait! You don’t mean… My family is the one in the story?
MP: Yes, your mother was the last Santa, and she did use her gifts to help others.
Shu: then that means that I’m…
MP: That’s right you’re Santa Clause, the big S.C. herself
Shu: Wait, S.C. that’s my initials! Shu Codrelia! Wait, NO! This can’t be happening!

*she runs out of the shack and runs into her friend, /*

/: What’s the rush, Shu?
*Shu looks up panting from running happy to see a face
she knows*
Shu: Oh, / I didn’t see you there I’m sorry but I have to go.
/: What is it you look worried… wait don’t tell me you’re worried because you ran into me when you were running to get me a gift for being so gorgeous di-


/: Hey! What was that for?!
Shu: That was for being a jerk!
/: Hey!!
Shu: Hey look over there, isn’t that the leader with an award for you?
/: Where!?
*Shu runs*
/: HEY!!!!

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