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Orcus' notes: Teachings of the God of Death
Welcome to an ever growing land of evolution and developement.
User ImageName: Orcus Fieres

Age: About 530

Race: Drow

Occupation: Wanderer and petty thief

Class: Ranger

Weapons: The bow Ra'lel and a pair of katara named Nim (Blue blade) and Rollo (Red blade).

Abilities: Orcus wields the simplest of magics, the ability to warp and manipulate forms of energy and matter. The extent of his abilities depends on his physical status. He is limited when he is weak and is weakened by stronger techniques which require more than he can give. He is very good at warping light into a short term invisibility cloak, his matter manipulation acts like alchemy, using what is already there to make something new.

Bio: Orcus grew up studying the Fae faeries and their culture very closely. He regarded them as being the most beautiful of creatures on the earth. His love was quickly derailed when the towns got wind of his insanity and began mocking him. The drows never found any use for the faeries so they dislike that they took up useful land for their homes. Needless to say most drows didn't want Orcus around anymore so they banished him to the Fae forests on the outskirts of the town. Orcus didn't see this as punishment as much as a chance to study the faeries closer.

While studying, he never lost contact with the town. The travelers, merchants and the few friends he still had visited every so often and he enjoyed the company of other beings because no matter how interesting the Fae were, they still couldn't speak drowlith.

Within the span of a few dozen years Orcus had gotten to know most of the forest and befriended the nicer of the Fae faeries that lived in the prosperous environment. He decided to leave the forest and with only a few good byes he did. Traveling east he walked back into his old town, no one recognized him for who he once was except the few merchants that traversed the forest and were living there now. At realizing how forgetful and idiotic the drowen people were Orcus began to laugh and left the town in a stir of confusion. No one remembered and know one ever will, he had left the town for good.

Orcus continued on his travels and was eventually able to get his hands on the few items he has now. He lives off of stolen goods and some coin purses but he loves that he never lives a dull life. He's kept himself very happy throughout all this time because he was able to learn so much at such a young age. While a happy man, that doesn't mean Orcus isn't the pessimistic and opportunistic drow that every other drow is, that's in his blood.

((Don't wanna lose this. Best profile I've ever made...))

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