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    <br />
    Ummm..., I go by Moon... this is ME <3<br />
    I like to draw... listen to music... talk with people (via cell phone, email, hotmail messenger... uhhh, facebook [just made it... >-< my friends kept telling me to make one, so I did...]), and read books, write stories... surf the web (I do that a lot...), swimming<br />
    I have a summer job at the moment, only on weekends though, so Im only really on Gaia during the week<br />
    and that's it... <3 Loves<br />
    <br />
    ((Heck Cha))<br />
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    <br />
    ((Key to my Heart Anyone? lawlz XDDD))<br />
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    -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br />
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