• times flying
    all just a blur
    if i say im fine, im lying
    my life is a slur
    of feelings and emotions
    leaveing me with such high notions
    i want 2 screem shout
    just let it all out

    my life flys by
    im not sure why
    just that i cant bare to walk
    i am stuck in my own peralizise
    cant move cant talk
    no matter how fast i run
    never enough, im always left with none
    no hope no trust no escape in sight
    why cant i spread my wings and take flight

    forever is so long
    and yet not long enough
    i feel so traped, this is so wrong
    i know its not easy, acually rather tough
    yesturday, 2day, 2morrow
    a new life i wish 2 borrow
    a empty shell
    a nothingness void
    ne of this ring a bell?

    i am lost
    never to be found
    i live my life just lying around
    i know im ment for something more
    but my broken wings have forgotten to soar
    i live my life wishing to be free
    till that day i search for me