• Ch.1 the unexpected arrival

    (the day was December 25th, the year 2008, we found our world in chaos) December 25th 2008,The world is in chaos. War was consuming the planet. The world is a waste land of what was once called earth. People would consider it world war three. I consider it the war of existence. The vicious Valkeans were a one of a kind race. They possessed the might to challenge the Gods of other races, but they stayed loyal to their own god. Realin ((similar to the type of godlike being of scientology) they called him. The God of all Existence, They called him that because he didn’t show pity or mercy. He displayed vengeance and rage at those who showed him no respect, reverence or fear.

    Valkeans are a cat-like race with bright purple fur. Technology was their best trait, but they also possessed a brute force. They were an ever advancing race, building and learning new battle techniques. They had cloaking devises, Armor of a most curious nature. They dressed in black Ukerian armor. High tech stealth armor weighed just a pound. They were an advanced species, but all their technological advances could not save their own world. Nearly exhausting all their resources, they focused their energy on finding a new planet, A new home. They prayed to Realin for guidance as they launched their ships into space. Their journey was long, but one fateful day, they came upon a blue planet, A planet where they could rebuild and flourish. Earth. All was peaceful. Until a few months after they landed. That is when it all began. The violence, the hate, the war. Everything we once new, everything we once loved is now gone

    They had a curious presence once they landed in Washington DC. But in just months their curious presence had vanished. Yet when all hope was lost there was a stroke of luck with a sense of light.

    A Valkean family on the verge of death, stumbled upon a military bunker. A local guard on watch spotted them. He ran over and pressed a button on the consul. This consul sounded an alarm which reached every soldier in the bunker. He immediately scanned the presence with a thermal reading. “Nothing…nothing but those two…wait! There ,.. there are three” he checked the scans three times just to make sure. A lieutenant walked in to the room. “Sit-rep!” The guard immediately snapped to attention and saluted. “Valkeans, Sir.
    “Valkeans? At ease soldier. What are Valkeans doing out there. They should have been shot on site. Why haven’t they been shot?” The guard looked sad but then went back to the screen. “Sir, if you take a look,” as he pressed a button. “You can see three pulse signs” He moved away from the screen so the lieutenant could see the illuminated pulses. Two of them are lowering by the second, but the other one is still pulsating regularly. “Sir as you can see…”
    “I know what I see. Get our men outside on the double….don’t shoot at them. I want them inside now, and make sure they survive!” The soldier went back to the transmission phone and started to shout out orders.

    The big metal doors opened as the soldiers pored out. The squad leader scanned around the cliffs with a thermal scanner. There were no sighs of the enemy. Just the two near-dead Valkeans, and a baby. To the soldiers surprise, they had no armor on and they were unarmed. They wore raged clothes. You could see the dirt and grime everywhere. All they had on them was a papoose like fixture and in it, a small baby.

    The Valkeans went down on their knees and held up the baby. They started to cry as they did this. They started to plea for this child’s life but not their own. It was as if they knew their fate. They had a strange sense about them. It was a peaceful feeling, as if they were not the murderers some people have seen from long ago.

    “Take them inside” the commander called out. “NOW!” the Valkeans were rushed inside by the soldiers. The commander pressed a button on his helmet. It was the frequency channel. “I want Richard Varmont to go to the lie detector room. I want the Valkeans with their freaking baby to be scanned in the lie detector room stat” he called out on the channel. He started to call out in a commanding voice “get your butts back in the safe zone now!” All the solders started to rush inside the bunker. “For gods sake I hope this is right”

    The Commander entered the lie detector room. Richard Varmont was sitting across from the two sleeping Valkeans, clean and healed from all their wounds. It had been a stressful two hours for the Valkeans, who were already weary from travel to answer questions and once the questioning was done, they fell asleep with their heads down the table.

    “Where the hell is the baby!’ the Commander shouted out. Obviously angered, the Commander reached into his pocket and pulled out a cigarette and lit it. Richard, who was dressed in a white lab coat, looked a bit shocked. He had never seen The Commander smoke before. He choked a bit at the smoke, but decided that it was not the time to complain. The commander took another big puff off the cigarette.
    “Obviously you don’t know about the child” Just then a soldier barged into the room with the Valkean baby sucking on its thumb. “Give that THING to me” he yelled. Strangely, it did not wake the Valkeans that were asleep. The soldier immediately gave the child to the commander. Still it did not wake the child or the parents. “Soldier you may leave.” “Yes sir!” The soldier saluted and left.

    “Richard what did you get from the scans?” The commander asked. Richard took a deep sigh and replied, “Apparently just the fact that they are not involved with the Valkean army. ” Just then a man burst into the room. “Give me that child!” the man yelled. He was an Asian man with black medium hair. He wore a white suit with a black tie. He had a deep voice. “On what authority do you have to just burst into this room?” the Commander yelled. “By the authority of the Primus Division, I order you to give me that child and leave this room ” The Commander, turned and signaled to the soldier to hand over the sleeping baby to Richard, and then left the room in a hurry. Anyone could tell he was scared and he was not a man that was easily scared. The Primus Division was a division in the expertise of the Valkeans. They knew almost everything about them, and they were not to be trifled with.

    “Sir, do you know what that child is?” asked the Primus Division agent. Richard stayed silent. He knew his words could end his own life.
    “This child… could be the end to this war. He ordered Richard to take a look at his right paw. “Did you notice that it has a leaf symbol in the center?”
    Richard took a tentative look. “Yes,” he replied quietly, “I do see a leaf symbol.”
    The PD agent looked eager at the news “I need these Valkeans to have shelter and a 24 hour guard. I want that child and his parents alive and well. I need them taken care of and that means you. also take this” the Primus agent handed Richard a small black box with a puzzle-like grid on it.
    Richard took the small device. He looked confused. “What is this?”
    “It is a special COM link that allows you to stay in touch with me. I will show you how to use it. I expect you to tell me if anything happens. Please on your way out send the commander in.” ” yes sir!” Richard saluted and walked out.

    The commander walked in. he was obviously calmed down from his anger.
    “Justin Brown also known as commander 5-c called, commander from all the people in this shelter, I have a job for you.” The PD agent called out to the commander.
    “Justin is your real name, right?” the agent had asked
    “Yes.” The commander had just taken a seat when he had answered
    “You have just been promoted to a special position.” The agent had said.
    There was a gleam in the commander’s eye but it turned back to normal.

    The commander was a serious man. He did his job to the most top ability. But what he did not like was the Valkeans. He despised them to his full content. In fact it took all his might not to strike the family down when he first met them

    “You well be assigned to guard the Valkean family”

    “WHAT!!!” The commander yelled out.
    “You expect me to guard such filth! You must be joking, yeah you must be joking. There is no way you are going to make me do this. No way at all will you make me even go near those things!”

    “Now listen. Did you forget the little deal you made with me back then?”

    “No” Justin said angrily “I haven’t”
    “Good, now you’ll have to listen to me” The agent said minding his manners.
    “You know what to do. I expect the best out of you”
    He started to walk to the door but stopped right before he exited

    “I have one thing to say before I leave and that is this. If you harm that family, you will see hell from me and the Gods”