• Chapter One- And so the Lion Fell in Love with the sheep."
    The killer sat on the ledge waiting for his prey, watching as each person passed by. It was raining heavily, the streets potholes filled with dirty water, people holding there umbrellas above themselves to shield them. He just let the water saok through his clothing and wet his hair and skin. He was looking for a particular scent he had been following from his travel of Toronto, Canada to Dracut, MA. The season was the jus tthe beginning of spring, his favorite hunting season. The scent caught his nose and he followed it, jumping down from the three story building's roof and onto the sidewalk below. He walked down the street and turned onto an alley that was supose to lead to some adandoned building.
    "Where are you?" He asked, whistling and walking along the alley way. Thanks to his perfect in the vision in the dark he had no porblem identifying in the darkness. He was a perfect assian ownde by a very powerful man. Since he was half vampire and half werewolf he had a variety of abilities which mad him a better assian.
    The assian came up to the door of the building. It was slightly ajar so he just pushed it open some more until he could fit himself through it. He saw first outlines than more detialed figures. There was a small hallway with some desks that aligned the wall. Candle holders were nailed to the wall with untouched candles in them. "What are we going back to the 1800s or something," he muttered to himself as he walked around the house. The house was faint in some places and strong in others, confusing him in where to look for person. Everything looked like they were from the mill times. The spinning wheel still had thread on it and the wooden stove was dusty with cobwebs. Then he found the hidden door that led to a backroom of the house. He went inside and found that the scent was stonger in here than anywhere else.
    He made little noise searching the room carefully. His master had told him nothing of the person he was to kill so he had to be careful. Where is the litte bugger? Something ran across the room quickly, hiding behind a wall of crates and barrels. He side stepped to the side to go around the crates form the other side, corning the person. The figure slammed right into his hard chest and tumbled backwards away from him, but the person couldn't get away from him. He grabbed the ankle and lifted the person off from the floor as if it was a feather. A squeal came from the person along with a heavy draft of an earthy and femine scent.
    "Put me down please." The female said. Now that his sight was more focused he could see her log dark brown wavy hair flailing in the air, along with her face that was molded with fear. She coudln't have been any older than nineteen if not twenty and she smelled human. He set her down on her back, crouching to the floor to bee at eye level with her.
    "Who are you and why does my master want me to kill you so badly?"He asked.
    "I am Paitenn."She spoke backing away from him. He grabbed the color of her black and red vest, pulling her closer to him. Her face was not even and inch away from his, his cold breath touching her feaverish skin. "I don't know which person you are talking about. There are so many." She said quickly grabbing his hands with her hands that seemed to be covered with black fistwarmers.
    "His name is Claude." He told her.
    Paitenn trembled at the name. "That man killed my mother because she was a more powerful than him. He fears I am as well and wants to kill me before I can fully develop my powers." She spoke. The man dragged her to her feet and then pulled her out from behind the crates and towards the hidden door. "No please don't bring me back to that madman. I am only eighteen and I have people to take care of." He ignored her shoving her out the door and follwing her. Paitenn tried to run from him, but he got hold of the back of her vest which was at the moment securely zipped and buttoned.
    "You aren't going anywhere sweetheart." He said pulling her back towards him and picking her up. She fought in his hold, but to him it was merely like a child having a fit. Walking out of the building he jumped up to the roofs of the buldings, landing in a crouch. That was where he set her down and stood. Paitenn quickly pulled the hood from her vest over her head. That brought his attention to waht she was wearing. There seemed to be a red with black striped shirt underneath the vest. She wore black cargo pants black buckled boots covering from her foot to just under her knee. Beside the goth attire she had a hour glass figure and was in good and healthy shape. Paitenn's speaking brought his mind back to her.
    "Why did you bring me up here?"She asked.
    "Because if you try to run I can just push you off the roof." He replied.
    He watched in amusement as Paitenn's mouth fell open at what his answer was. She shook her head at that and shoved her hands in the pockets of her vest. "Now are you going to be a good little girl and stay by my side?" He asked looking at her.
    "Why so you can kill me?"Paitenn shot at him. He thought about it. He did need to kill her, but his boss never told him that he had to kill the target on sight.
    "You can avoid that a little longer if you listen to me."He said. "Or do you want to die so quickly?"He asked pulling out his 9mm Beretta. It was lsiver in color with a design or roses on it. Paitenn noded slightly, looking at the floor. "Now come over here, I need to collect some things before I kill you."The man spoke. Paitenn walked forewards until she was in front of him. He placed his gun back in its rightfull place on his gun belt and covered it with his long black trenchcoat. The man picked Paitenn up in his arms and jumped from roof to roof until they reached a gun shop he went to before looking for Paitenn. He went there to fix his Beretta, but the owner of the shop told him he needed to wait until ten at night. It was a half hour before the time, but he had nothing else to do.
    At the shop he sat in the waiting room, Paitenn sitting next to him listening to her Ipod Touch. He could here it was 'Just Dance,' from Lady GaGa. He could tell from her scent she was scared and upset. He didn't really care at the moment.
    "So what is your name?"Paitenn asked quietly.
    "What?"The man asked looking at her.
    She repeated the question and he answered Lucian. He was named that by his master because he didn't know who he really was. His master had found him in some dungeon wandering. Since then he obeyed everything his master told him and relearned everything from speaking to fighting. Turned out he was like a computer since his master had some chip installed to his brain. He had free will, but when he acted on free will he ended getting screwed. Like one time he was 'playing,' a little to much and ended up arrested. His master was ticked off royaly.

    Paitenn thought of the name Lucian. It wasn't a common name she knew, but one from a book she once read. Not only that but this Lucian was sent to kill her and was just holding it off for a while to do some errands. It made her wonder why he brought them here to some gun shop. He already that Beretta he threantened to kill her with.
    About a half hour later a man came out in front to see Lucian. "You wanted me to fix a Beretta for you?"He asked.
    "Yes." Lucian said pulling out te gun he was going to kill her with. "It won't shoot, so can you clean it out and tune it up." Lucian spoke. She couldn't believe it. She could have ran for her life, but instead the man lead her to believe he could kill her with that gun right there and then. Before she could scream at him Lucian added, "I would do it myself but at the moment I am short of supplies. I left it all back home." The man nodded and left the room.
    "How dare you!" Paitenn shouted at him, standing. Lucian just looked at her. "You- I could have just ran from you if I knew that gun didn't even work!"
    "It works. Just won't shoot at the moment, and it is your fault since you didn't run." Lucian countered with his regular tone.
    "You are such a jerk!"She yelled at him. The devil man's eyes just glittered wiht amusement. "That wasn't fair! I thought you were going to kill me with that gun." Paitenn continued. How could someone ust toy with someone else's feelings. She tossed her Ipod at him. He caught it, grinning at her.
    "I could have killed you without the gun. I am a lot faster and stronger than you are." Lucian informed her. Paitenn went to talk, but he grabbed her wrists and tugged her down towards him. She fell onto his lap, her chin hitting his hard head. She bit her lip, drawing blood from her tongue. Lucian's cold lips touched her throat, and she trembled when she felt his sharp canines graze the collum of her throat. "Plus, I ould just tear out your pretty little throat." He spoke coldy, releasing her. Paitenn fell backwards, landing on her buttucks. She could feel herself shaking, and couldn't seem to stop herself.
    Not even fifeteen minutes later and the man returned with Lucian's gun. Paitenn made sure to be as far away from Lucian as she could get in this store, sitting at the far top left corner of the room. "Thank you."said Lucian. the rest of his words she did not hear. The man left the room for a short minute or two and came back with a dog collar and leash. again, Lucian repeated his thanks and paid the man. Paitenn's stomach lurched at the thought that the collar was meant for her. Once Lucian signaled for her to come over she shook her head and curled into a ball. He let out a sigh and seemed to disappear. Paitenn didn't even get to blink when Lucian was in front of her and pulling her to her feet, and then she was being pulled. It wasn't until they were out of the shop when she realized he got the collar and leash on her.
    "Oh God." Paitenn panicked grabbign at the color. There was a lock on the collar, preventing her from removing the collar.
    "Stop fussing." Lucian said yanking ont he leash. She tumbled a few times as they walked. He brought her to an hotal and dragged her inside, going up to his penthouse. It was nice in the inside. The walls were a deep blue and the floors covered by black rug. The kitchen was off to the side seperated by two half walls. The kitchen consisted of deep blue counters a black stainless steel refidgerator and a black glass top stove. As for his bedroom had a king size bed on a platform, surround by four soft black leather siders. Black nightsatnds were on both sides, the dressers off to the side along with the closet and bathroom door.
    "Sit on the bed." Lucian ordered, snapping the leash off the collar. Paitenn sat down on the side of the bed. The soft leather cutioned her form the hardwood beneath it. She watched as Lucian disapeared into the bathroom. She heard the shower running after a fews seconds.
    That jerk was taking a shower while my whole world was starting to turn to hell. Paitenn thought, her hands forming into fists. How could he do that? Paitenn held back the tears that formed in her eyes. One tear slipped past and then they all began to spill. She sniffled and wiped her face trying to stop herself from crying, but she just couldn't. Before she knew it, Lucian was staring up at her, his hands securely locked on her knees, and himself in a crouching position. There was a large white towel wrapped around his waist, showing off waist up and knee down.
    "Why are you crying?"He asked, his face coming closer to hers. She leaned away fom him and wipe her face with her hands. Lucian didn't seem to like the fact that she leaned away from him seeing that he followed her action. One of his knees on the edge of the bed and his back bent to follow her.
    "Leave me alone." Paitenn complained.
    "I want to know why you are crying." Lucian protested grabbing her hands forcing them away from her face. He licked the path of another falled tear until his tongue was barely cenitmeters away form her eye. He leaned back slightly looking at her.
    "Because, my whole life is falling apart all because some man is afriad I will become stronger than him. I don't deserve this. I have done nothing wrong." Paitenn replied, more tears spilling from her eyes.......

    [cutting you off with a cliff hanger. srry people.]