• After what seemed ages, Felicia decided to slowly unravel the truth.
    “Just about the time you were going out on a date with Helen…”
    “Wait, how’d you know about that?” I interrupted.
    She gave me a facepalm expression alongside a laugh.
    “Everyone knew about it; your friend Mark was to blame.” I was more or less shocked, but I kinda felt he was the culprit. After all, he just couldn’t keep his mouth shut even after promising things, how typical.
    “Oddr, I’ll continue, but please wait until I finish. I really don’t like doing this over and over again.”
    I nodded, acknowledging the fact that it may be hard for her.
    “The day before when you went out with Helen, Jaden came home real late. He was all weird and rambled about music I couldn’t understand. He mentioned you, and Helen, and…” she took a deep breath “…and I felt my heart sink because I was into you, how Odd, right?”
    That bomb just blew up in front of me. After all this time, or maybe less, this girl had a crush on me and I never realized.
    “He said something about a perfect melody, that it was able to ‘cause brain stasis’ or something alike. I really didn’t understand that, but the next day he showed up in the morning and we could see he hadn’t slept at all. The thing is, he played some music he had recorded and said that we look at the watch on the wall. Suddenly I was surprised to see that an hour had passed in a blink of an eye.”
    I slowly leaned back, clenching my fists. My eyes darted around as I was thinking what had happened, as if the answers were floating in the air. Felicia gave me a look, and then continued.
    “He then said that it was groundbreaking, a few tweaks to the music and it could cause a soothing effect that helped you heal. I asked him how he knew that. Jaden showed us a cut in his hand, one I hadn’t seen the day before, and he said his body reacted to the music and accelerated his healing.”
    She looked at me and slowly extended her arm tow ...
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