• She lie in bed silently.She tried to sleep but all the black shadows keep her weary eyes open."Its just a book its just a book" she murmered.That afternoon she rembered reading a book about a girl who died becuse of a shawdow on her wall so October had a hard time sleeping.She clasped on to the covers and tried to hold in her tears.She kept her tiered eyes closed tightly."Its just a book..." All of a sudden her room went black and all the shawdows jumped of her wall and ran around the wall and chanted "October run run run october run haahaahaa" Then October opened one eye and scremed.Soon all that was left of October was her ghost(evil ghost).Soon October's brother Rhicard ran in the room alert and holding a b.b gun in one hand and a sling shoot in the other. "What October? Who's there?October where are....." All Rhicard could do was stand there. "Rhicard iss thhatt you??" October's voice groaned. "Huh wha what? Um yes." He gulped viently. "Rhicard its me October..." Her voice carried on thru the thin hallways of the house. "Wha...what!?!" Rhicard whimmpered shocked. "I..i..i.i died becuse of the shawdows." She pointed to the blank white wall. "What do you mean?" Rhicard fought to say. Then October dissapered in the night sky. "October?? Octobe..." Rhicard sireked. Then lighting flashed and thunder boomed vilently. Soon October came back as a human and Rhicard was gone. The only thing that filled the room was silence and deeps breathe of air from October. "GO TO BED NOW OCTOBER!!!" An angery voice yelled as the lights flicked on. "October Maria Robbertson!What are you doing out of bed?!?!" Her mother yelled "Mom!" October ran to her mother and hugged her tightly. "What is going on little missy?" "Mom i was a ghost and and Rhicard..." Silence filled the room "RHICARD!!!!" October ran toward Rhicard's room and nearly knocked the door square off "He he is gone" October cried fresh hot tears and fell to the ground weeping. "October....?" Rhicard's strong voice was hered over October's tears. "Rhicard!!!!" October got up and ran to Rhicard and hugged him "October whats wrong?" "Noting I just needed a hug from you" But then the lights went out and lighting flashed and October dissaperd.
    "October??" Rhicard and his mom yelled cupping there hands over there mouth. "LEAVE THE HOUSE KNOW AND PUT IT UP FOR SELL OR ELSE" October's voice groaned and creaked in the darkness of the night. Rhicard grabbed 3 pairs of clothes and his mom grabbed a credit card and they both darted to the car and drove away. A month later the house rusted over and was infested with paristies and pests all the windows were cracked and the shitters were gone. But one person, kid drove by on his bike and dicided to stop he opened the creaky door with caution and wondered up stairs to October's room and when he walked in he felt a sudden rush of cold air "Gosh this room is creepy" He said. The room looked brand new and was spotless. So he decided to jump on the bed....soon he died and no one knew why and where he died at they never even knew were he went that day
    ~Charles Brent Farrent 06-09~