• My name is Ami and I'm a student at West Wood High. People don't really talk to me and I'm perfectly okay with it. I guess you can say im use to it.

    I walked through the school gates. It's like any regular school, bad cafeteria food, teachers, class mates, homework over the weekends, see nothing special.

    I went to my locker got my books and headed to class. As always people stared. Then again who wouldn't. With pale skin,snow white hair, and eyes that are almost violet, who wouldn't stare.

    Now don't go gasping and say 'Omgs she a total vampire!!' because it's not true. My apperence is really explainable. I would tell you it but I need to get to class.

    ~~After school~~

    I was about to go out the door but my teacher stopped me.

    "Ami, why are you so pale? And don't think I haven't seen those scratches and bruise marks. Are your parents abusive?" Ms.Kawazaki asked.

    "No of course not. My neighbor, he has a really bad dog with...um...anger issues and um no matter how hard my neighbor tries he always gets out. And since I'm always riding my bike sometimes he kind of gets to me and bites me. And I truly have no idea why im pale I've always have been ever since I was born." I replied.

    "Alright, try riding your bike less often. And do some inside exercises instead,kay?"


    I left school and began to walk home, and just my luck. It starts to rain and oh wow I can go through the alley and get home faster,how wonderful,....NOT! I seriously rather be in the rain than get home. You're probly thinking 'Oh me too, I rather would walk in the rain than see that dog with anger issues'. That would be wrong. What I told my teacher was a lie.

    My teacher was right my parents were abusive,Correction, 'parent' is abusive. And by parent I mean father.

    My mom left and when she was leaving she ran out the house and ended up getting hit by a car. My father blames me for it. He thinks its my fualt. Sometimes I think so too. I was an extremely bad child, never listening, and getting into trouble, they got into a fight because my dad wanted me to go to an orphanage. Thats all I heard. Next thing I knew she ran out and she dies.

    So yeah sad story, I know but trust me it gets worst.

    My daily routine is get up go to school, get stared at, teachers ask questions,I tell them that lie,I come home,do homework,get abused and then cry myself to sleep. But thats going to change.

    Today was my last day of high school my dad was soon going to kick me out, literally. Then I would go to an apartment I bought and get a job and smooth sailing.

    I was wrong.

    We had no homework, and that meant more time to get abused.

    I was just reading a book on my bed. Then I heard a knock on my door, followed by my father's voice and the door being kicked down. I was scared. In his hands were somethings he never used. A piece of glass and a crow-bar.

    He imeddiatly started hurting me. Slamming the bar into my stomach and shoving the glass into my hand. The pain.... He continued beating me, the bar hitting me everywhere even the head. Oh and you know that place on your foot between the back of your heel and your ankle. And when ever you accidently hit it,it hurts like hell. Well then try having a piece of glass shoved in there.


    That's what made me scream out in pain, and my tears came out even more. He never has hurt me this bad. And with me screaming you'd think the neighbors would hear, but the walls are soundproof.

    This hurt so badly. I would of died with all the blood I'm lossing. But I didn't. He left with the glass still in the same place and me lying on the floor crying so much it was starting to get hard for me to breath.

    I heard the sound of the crow-bar being dropped on the floor, outside of my bedroom. With what strength I had left I got onto my bed. If I am going to die right now, I wanna die on something comfortable than the floor.

    It was truly hard to breath and I could feel the blankets being soaked in my blood. I'm welcomeing death with open arms now.

    "Ami..." and angel like voice called out to me. But a hand covered my mouth. And very, very, VERY cold breath was on my neck, it sent chills down my spine.

    "Dear sweet Ami, don't be afraid, I'm here to help you and there will be no point in screaming because your father is already dead."

    Wait... so that sound wasn't the bar hitting the floor it was my dad hitting the floor. If they killed my dad they can truly kill me.

    I tried getting away from whoever it was, I kicked and scream only to have the glass shoved in more from kicking. I screamed again and began coughing.
    "Shh. Shh. Now Ami I surely don't want you getting hurt anymore." and with those words he took the glass out. I tried screaming again but his hand was blocking my mouth.Again he tried hushing me.

    He turned on the lamp by my bed and I got to see how he looked like. His skin was as pale as mine,his hair was as white as mine too, but his eyes were red. He was wearing a log-sleeve buttoned shirt,blue jeans and black converse.
    And his eyes seemed caring.

    He lifted up my shirt only enough to see my wounds and touched them softly. I still flinched. But I also realized I was breathing normally. He took out the first-aid kit I hid under my bed and started bandeging me. He went out of the room and returned quickly with painkillers and a glass of water.

    I drank them both. He unbuttoned his shirt and put it on me. Your probly thinking 'OMG hes shirtless!!' but hes not he has a short-sleeve shirt under.
    I actually enjoyed wearing his shirt. It felt warm and I could smell his scent on it.

    He picked me up and opened the window.But that's all I saw becuase I fell asleep.