• Ok one day I was walking threw the hall way.This Kid Jon Dunn comes up to me and says "Oh my god i'm sooo mega retarted!" I looked at him with fire in my eyes.You know what i did?I went all summon Spirit of Darkness on his a**.I kicked him and punched him and.....I stared into space."Uhhhh Lexi?"He had Kennady's confused face on."Wha?Huh?"And guess what it all was....It was a figment of my imagination.My face trned red."Ahhh!!!Holy crap what the hell was that!!!"I ran from Jon."What the f**?"He looked over at Dylan."I dunno."

    The next day he did the same thing and it happend again but he had people surronding me so i couldnt escape."What the Hell Jon!"I halered."DUDE WHAt HAPPEND YESTERDAY!!"Dylan pulled my hair."I pictured somthing in my mind!"I tried to bite Dylan's hand.No what's happend today....

    He came up to me and said "Oh My God I'm Soooo Meg-"SHWAM!!!In coming!
    My friend Hit him in the face.

    Me: O.O "Holy Christ on a cracker!Dude you a life saver!"
    Friend: smile "I jst want to keep you safe."

    oh and by da way "Friend" is a girl.

    Yep now he's to afraid to even come near me.