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  • Artist Info: Hello. My name is Maja. Aaand this is my profile. <br />
    Im a 18 year old metalhead! And that i love. <br />
    Im from Denmark, and English isnt our language, so its okay if i spell bad. I have loooooong black hair down to the ass. <br />
    Zombie is the love of my life <3 <br />
    I love my piercings, Snakebite and 7 in the ears including my 10mm stretches. I love music, i couldnt live without it. <br />
    I love to draw, and use a lot of my time doing it. <br />
    Im a bit of a nerd. I use a lot of time on the computer, Playstation 2, and 3. Silent Hill and RE is the favorite. <br />
    I watch WWE whenever i can. I LOVE it. My favorite wrestler is and always will be The Undertaker.. Hes awesome. <br />
    Im not the most emotional person ever, i hate when people whines to me, i dont really know what to say, and my lousy humor always ruins it xD <br />
    <br />
    No more to tell, cya bitches.<br />
    <br />
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