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    Hello! emotion_yatta <br />
    I guess Im suppose to write about myself for this part of the profile. So here it goes...<br />
    yum_strawberry My name is Ava. yum_strawberry <br />
    Its no surprise that I like color, as you can see by the way my profile is set up. Any kind of color is my favorite, even the cat vomit color.
    <br />
    emotion_bigheart yum_puddi emotion_bigheart <br />
    I am a Ninja cat_ninja <br />
    <br />
    Even so, I don't like lama's, frogs, knifes, and math. <br />
    If there was a name for what I stand for it would be something like "Anti-Depression" or something like that. <br />
    Not like I never get sad or anything, <br />
    I just dislike all those people are non stop complainers and who wallow in their own self pity when their life actually isn't that bad. <br />
    emotion_awesome <br />
    Well some things about me are that I can handle any kind of food. All except avocados'. <br />
    Hate them. <br />
    Makes me want to puke. emotion_puke
    <br />
    I love cupcakes, cake, lollypops, Mike and Ike's, Skittles,<br />
    Pixie Sticks, PB and J sandwiches,<br />
    POCKEY, Captian Crunch, and Popcorn Balls! cat_blaugh <br />
    If I had it my way and ate these for the rest of my life, I would be obese.<br />
    yum_pie yum_pizza yum_hotdog yum_cupcake yum_pumpkinpie yum_strawberrypie yum_donut <br />
    Anyways I like to write, although I am a close to horrible speller<br />
    and I have stumble fingers when Im typing too fast. <br />
    Which is almost always. sweatdrop <br />
    I love summer, fall, and spring. <br />
    I dont like winter all that much. <br />
    Its too cold and I blend into the snow way too well. That gives you a clue that Im super white.
    <br />
    emotion_drool <br />
    Although I come from the North West and live close to an Evergreen forest I have yet to see a vampire.<br />
    So dont believe that Twilight junk. <br />
    Real men dont sparkle girls, sorry. <br />
    stare emotion_kirakira rolleyes <br />
    I love to ride four wheelers and ride dirt bikes. <br />
    However I hate driving actual cars. There are way too many idiots out there on the road, so many that I might have my first accedent the day I get a car.
    <br />
    emotion_donotwant <br />
    I dont hate many things, so this part will be quite short. <br />
    I do not like falling. <br />
    My worse fear is falling, not like falling because I tripped but actual falling like off a cliff. <br />
    I HATE it. cat_scream <br />
    But I like roller coasters, its just those rides that drop you straight down that will make me literally cry my eyes out. emotion_facepalm <br />
    I also hate lint and animal hair on anything that I own. <br />
    It just bothers me. <br />
    I dont like long hallways either.<br />
    All of you that have watched any kind of horror movie know what Im talking about.<br />
    I also dislike humid air for odvious reasons. <br />
    And scary punks with the big holes in there ear lobes and no pupils.
    <br />
    emotion_0A0 <br />
    Well thats basically it, I dont have much else to say. <br />
    Other than books and music are awesome and I couldn't live with out them. <br />
    Oh, and technology. <br />
    I love to work outside and on cars an all', but hey.<br />
    Im growing up in a pen eat pencile world. emotion_omnomnom <br />
    Kinda hard to reject a computer.
    <br />
    emotion_brofist <br />
    Im usually not doing much, so if you also dont have anythng better to do,<br />
    PM me.<br />
    If you like the color blue,<br />
    PM me.<br />
    If you have a big toe,<br />
    PM me.<br />
    If your having dating troubles,<br />
    leave me out of it, I have my own problems. emotion_bandaid
    <br />
    Thanks for visiting!<br />
    emotion_bigheart <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 emotion_bigheart
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    LIFE QUOTE !!!
    <br />
    Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world. <br />
    ~ Albert Einstein
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