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  • Artist Info: My name is of no concern...im just a shadow on the ground. I seek something, yet i know not what it is. Im in a state of confusion, yet I know some things...I cannot explain my situation. I cannot explain myself. What I am, I wish I knew. Am I crazy, or is there something going on? The answers will all unfold sometime, someday, somewhere, somehow...only time will tell. My destiny awaits.<br />
    <br />
    The bitterest tears shed over graves are for words left unsaid and deeds left undone. I cry for the time that you were almost mine, I cry for the memories I've left behind, I cry for the pain, the lost, the old the new, I cry for the times I thought I had you.Not all scars show, not all wounds heal Sometimes you can't always see The pain someone feels.Whats the sense of wishing for something when I always just wish it away? Every night i talk to the stars pretending its you.. it acts just like you tho.. far away and never replies to my questions. Why do people tell you to believe in what you want to but then tell you not to believe in the one true thing you do believe in? Times a precious thing to waste, but friends are more precious The sad truth is that most evil is done by people who never make up their minds to be good or evil.The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom.Do not assume that she who seeks to comfort you now, lives untroubled among the simple and quiet words that sometimes do you good. Her life may also have much sadness and difficulty, that remains far beyond yours. Were it otherwise, she would never have been able to find these words. <br />
    <br />
    Day burns down to night;<br />
    Burns the edges of my soul.<br />
    In the night I break into<br />
    Sparks of suns,<br />
    And become the fires end.<br />
    The dust of bones...<br />
    Night knifes my breath,<br />
    Swallows whole my tongue.<br />
    Turn back reverse return.<br />
    In the night I see<br />
    The real concealed<br />
    In the days bright lie.<br />
    Eyes stitched shut;<br />
    White teeth smile.<br />
    Sleep walks,<br />
    And talks,<br />
    And feet<br />
    Mark time<br />
    To the drumless beat.<br />
    <br />
    I am the night.<br />
    I am darkness at it's bluest.<br />
    To me there is sheer delight in the shadow of the night<br />
    No need to insist, for the night I exist.<br />
    The light of day is not night's way.<br />
    I am the night.<br />
    <br />
    I am a creature of the dark. I have been groomed for gloom.<br />
    For eons of time, the night has been mine.<br />
    I can't remember when the night and me didn't function as twins. <br />
    Just as the ocean's floor holds mysteries, the night alone conceals my history.<br />
    I am the night<br />
    <br />
    Just as poetry flows from ocean currents and from the slashing force of wind springs forth designs,<br />
    Each drop of rain delivers music to our minds, poetry never ceases.<br />
    From my point of view, at night it increases.<br />
    I find beauty in each dancing shadow and exquisite delight in the secret of the night.<br />
    The spirit things clothed in the unknown,<br />
    Travel the same path that I consider home.<br />
    Things that move skillfully at night do so without sight.<br />
    I love these wonders for I am the night. <br />
    <br />
    My five senses are more acute than most.<br />
    Of this superiority, I proudly boast.<br />
    My movements are as swift as lightening dashing across the sky. <br />
    They can't be held in focus by the human eye.<br />
    Question - Who am I? <br />
    <br />
    I feed on a secret vein of life and rest in the protective cover of dusk in disguise. <br />
    My skin is cold to the touch, don't worry you won't touch me much.<br />
    My beginning is of no importance, but I see no end in sight.<br />
    I believe I am forever; I am the night<br />
    <br />
    I have been known by many titles and names.<br />
    For none of them do I feel shame, for I exist as all do.<br />
    Just as I am me, and you are you.<br />
    I am called Satan, Impaler, Death, Blood Drinker; just to name a few - <br />
    Pick one that suits you.<br />
    Some even call me a Ghost; yet, vampire is what I am called the most<br />
    Whether these names are wrong or right, the fact remains - <br />
    I am the night. <br />
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