• But I quit drinking zevia in 2023 in June the 12 and been unplugged. Let me tell you the warnings about Zevia for those who don't know me and reminder. And yet the effects on other people who have sensitive thoughts about it. And here it is.

    Zevia warnings:for those who wanted to get fit this drink is poison and bad for your muscles. Its slowly tears your body and breaks down to nothing, by drinking that for 10 years. Its slowly suck the life right out of you and it makes you weak. And could make's you deathly pale and it would darken your eyes, when it comes insides is really really bad. It makes your muscles black and makes your lungs black and your bones green and brittle. it may cause weakness. For those who wanted to be on diet do not drink that stuff or flavored water it makes you thin and brittle for those who wanted to be buff and its not right for you.