• [u]I am From

    I am from smoke breathing streets.
    I am from brick houses and cracked

    I am from braided hair and Hand-me-downs
    I am from shaping string beans and smell
    of sweet potatoes
    (I loved the smell of the sweet potatoes)

    I am from people that argue around
    you it like a hurricane erupting
    I am from a funeral where my grandma die.
    I am from the cuts that I get from the wood
    Wood is a brick (They were as heavy as a truck)

    I am from the southern root s
    were my ancestors lived.
    I am from the drips of blood
    underneath my dog's chin.

    I am from a family tree
    with roots to connect us
    together with people I hate
    and loved that's why we
    all a big family but we are
    sliced into parts